The BBC is a DISGRACE for choosing a foul-mouthed Britain-hating fanatic to represent the UK at Eurovision, says Darren Grimes

Eurovision Britain 2023 Mae Muller

Mae Muller, who 'hates' Britain, will represent the UK at Eurovision 2023

Darren Grimes

By Darren Grimes

Published: 03/04/2023

- 20:06

Updated: 05/04/2023

- 15:41

Mae Muller, a left-wing activist who says she despises this country, will represent it at the UK taxpayer-funded Eurovision Song Contest

The BBC has yet again revealed its penchant for left-wing fanaticism. Just weeks after Gary Lineker compared our desire for functioning border controls to the views of the 1930s Nazi Party, it transpires that our BBC-selected entry to the Eurovision Song Contest holds the same loony left intolerance as Lineker and his licence fee-funded chums.

Last year at Eurovision, we reached the stratosphere with our highest ever scoring UK Eurovision entrant. The Viking-looking Essex lad Sam Ryder took us to the stars with his track 'Space Man', securing a second place to Ukraine, who undoubtedly won the support and sympathy of millions amid Russia's invasion.

The BBC was handed a golden opportunity here to build on Ryder's success and put forward a candidate that the nation can again get behind and go for the top spot after decades of 'nil points'.

The competition was a chance to broadcast Britain at her very best, as we host the contest in Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine.

Instead, we're platforming anti-British sentiment at its most potent. The BBC decided to hell with the opportunity and selected Mae Muller. A left-wing activist who hates Boris Johnson and made derogatory comments about him as he was in hospital with Covid, branding the Conservative Party "racist and elitist".

The songstress strongly supported Jeremy Corbyn, who has consistently offered succour and support to the West's enemies. "I hate this country," Muller said during the school meals row. A perfect match for Jez and his Momentum militants.

Mae Muller - I Wrote A Song | United Kingdom 🇬🇧 | Official Music Video | Eurovision 2023

Muller, a singer made famous by social media, proves the hypothesis that too many tweets make a twit, suggesting that Boris Johnson was "taking up a bed" whilst he was in intensive care.

"Boris does not have my sympathy and never will," Muller said. Charming. To say an individual does not deserve a hospital bed because you dislike their politics unmasks the true intolerance of much of the Left. The Left believe the Right is evil; the Right thinks the Left is mistaken.

The irony ought not to be lost. Pacifist pygmy Corbyn urged Western leaders to stop arming Ukraine and called for peace – why didn't anybody else think of that? Probably because they're not a naïve hard-left ideologue that also wanted to scrap Britain's nuclear deterrent, possibly the only thing that stops the likes of Russia from marching through this land.

Is it any wonder Britain's intelligence and security services were reportedly terrified of a Corbyn victory at the polls?

The 25-year-old Muller's advocacy of Corbyn, her disregard of our infirm Prime Minister, and even her visceral hatred for the country she will now represent to a global audience of millions, could perhaps be dismissed as the ignorance of youth. A TikTok star gone too far.

But what of the 100-year-old BBC? Don't they do their due diligence? It strikes many observers that the BBC is loud and proud about its anti-Britain bias.

Singer-songwriter Mae MullerSinger-songwriter Mae Muller has been announced as the UK's Eurovision actPA

These hard-left inhumane views are the norm amongst many of the BBC's staff. We saw consistently how the BBC was stacked against a Leave vote in the referendum and has been unapologetically anti-Conservative since the party returned to power in 2010.

Mae Muller's song has entered the UK Top 40 and had three million streams on Spotify, Britain's musical talent and soft power superpower is a success story to rave about. Still, our Eurovision candidate's overtly partisan recent past - and self-declared hatred of this country - ought to rule out her suitability to represent our nation.

Mae Muller

UK Eurovision act Mae Muller said she hates Britain


Can you imagine Auntie Beeb selecting a candidate who tweeted views against Black Lives Matter during that summer of lockdown in which wanton criminality took place against our police and national monuments?

Perhaps a tweet or two on how women do not have a penis?

Maybe a little line on Labour politicians turning a blind eye to the rape of girls for fear of being non-PC?

How about a pro-Brexit tirade?!

Of course, the BBC would have been outraged and deemed such views entirely unfit for broadcast.

Views, however, that show scant regard for the life of a Tory Prime Minister, our nation and reckons a party that 14 million people backed in 2019, in many red wall seats, is "racist and elitist"?

“Well, come on in!” cries Auntie. "You're perfect for the BBC and ready to be beamed into the homes of 161 million people around the globe representing Team GB!"

Just awful.

The sooner we defund this broadcaster that is now British in name only, the better.

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