Camilla is every inch a Queen, and if the royals were elected she'd win by a landslide, says Mark Dolan

Camilla is every inch a Queen, and if the royals were elected she'd win by a landslide, says Mark Dolan

WATCH NOW: Mark Dolan claims King Charles and Camilla 'should have married in the first place'

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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 26/05/2024

- 09:32

Updated: 26/05/2024

- 10:23

'Camilla has become even more important in recent months, with the devastating news of both Charles’s cancer diagnosis, and that of her amazing daughter-in-law Catherine'

As Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer battle it out for the top job in the country, they can only dream of the polling ratings enjoyed by Queen Camilla.

A recent survey reveals she has over 82 per cent support for her performance as the King’s spouse and the Queen of this nation.

And let’s be honest, being married to Charles is not the easiest gig.

Whilst a decent and good human being, he is also a famous curmudgeon. A touchy, detailed obsessed, finicky workaholic, our impressive King is a big personality who is not the easiest to manage.

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan hails Queen Camilla for her role since ascending to the throne with King Charles

GB News

As demonstrated by that famous footage in which he struggled to operate a fountain pen, at his coronation. Who was there to step in, to lend a helping hand, a word of reassurance, a note of good humour? His no-nonsense wife, a walking human valve in a posh frock, who releases the tension in any situation.

And following Elizabeth II as Queen has got to be the hardest task imaginable, given that Camilla’s predecessor was arguably the greatest monarch in the history of this country, vying for top place with the formidable ruler of the British Empire, Queen Victoria.

I quite liked Henry VIII too – an intelligent man, he won plenty of wars, grew the economy and knew his way around a chicken drumstick.

Camilla’s no chicken. And she’s not foul. In fact she has been on quite the journey. Following Elizabeth wasn't her first big challenge. No no no. Her first big challenge was following Diana – a global icon – one of the most beautiful and charismatic women the world has ever seen.

Camilla was cast as the home-wrecker, with Diana in that notorious Panorama interview – in which she was right royally stitched up by the BBC, and the show’s producer Martin Bashir - saying that her marriage to Charles was made up of three people – herself, her husband and Camilla.

But let's not rewrite history. Diana was no angel herself shopping around romantically, and then some.

The truth is that Charles and Camilla should have married in the first place, they were soulmates, they were attracted to each other and their union was meant to be. Elizabeth forbade it, and with that, the seeds of tragedy were sown.

But love will find a way, and after the profound shock and sadness of Diana's passing, these two lovebirds were able to reunite and since they married on the April 9, 2005, they haven't looked back.

Even before becoming queen, Camilla did not put a single foot wrong. Notwithstanding disgusting remarks about her appearance, and being horselike, I've always considered Camilla to be an elegant and attractive woman.

In fact it's amazing how faultless her appearance in public always is, given that Royal insiders tell me she's much more comfortable in a pair of wellies and tracksuit bottoms. You wouldn't know it.

For over two decades now, she has been discreet, quiet, unobtrusive, never seeking to steal the limelight.

She has spoken up for important causes like domestic violence and literacy. She has turned up to the opening of an envelope, cut the ribbon at countless hospital wings and sat through endless bagpipe sessions and boring military parades.

She's eaten more cucumber sandwiches then you can shake a stick at. In fact her body is now probably 10 per cent cucumber. Cucumber sandwiches aren’t even that nice, which is why Marks & Spencer’s don’t do them.

All of this from a woman who had no ambitions to be Queen, or indeed a frontline royal.

I’m told its not particularly her great cup of tea - and I understand she does not enjoy the best of health - but she cracks on with it, with effort and good grace, such is her commitment to Charles and the country.

How cruel therefore that her stepson Harry should describe her in his book Spare as “dangerous” and a “villain”. He reportedly begged his father not to marry her in the first place. How can his son not want his old man to be happy? Well thank God Harry’s pleas were ignored.

And Camilla has become even more important in recent months, with the devastating news of both Charles’s cancer diagnosis, and that of her amazing daughter-in-law Catherine.

She has supported Charles through his illness and joked that in recent months she has struggled to get him to slow down, and that he is often a naughty boy in his recovery. And in February she led the family at the Thanksgiving service.

On Elizabeth’s passing many were upset at Charles's decision to declare her Queen, rather than Queen Consort. Well I think she's earned the title. She's every inch a Queen.

It's been quite the journey, from home-wrecker and the subject of tabloid gossip, to the woman who alongside the King, leads and represents this country. The royals aren't elected, but if Camilla was, she'd win by a landslide.

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