​Get out of our lives you authoritarian little control freaks, blasts Patrick Christys

​Get out of our lives you authoritarian little control freaks, blasts Patrick Christys
Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 05/10/2023

- 17:23

Updated: 05/10/2023

- 17:24

GB News presenter Patrick Christys delivers his verdict on Rishi Sunak's latest policies

Please can we just stop banning things.

When did we become a country that just banned stuff all the time?

Smoking: I know most people aren’t smokers and most people don’t like the smell. I know it’s unhealthy.

But banning it to the point where at some stage in the future a 40 year old man is going to be hanging around outside a corner shop in Basingstoke to ask a 41-year-old man if he can go in and illegally get him a packet of Marlborough Gold’s, it’s farcical.

It’s not like banning cocaine or weed has worked well - the toilet cubicles in Soho look like Frosty the Snowman has just stormed through there, and everywhere you go the streets smell like an Amsterdam coffee shop.

Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys demanded the UK government butt out of our lives

GB News

Apparently banning smoking could leave something like an £8bn gap in tax revenue as well, how are we making that back up?

Statues: We’re essentially banning statues. There were calls for so-called ‘contested statues’ to be removed.

Now we’ve reached a compromise where those statues have to have a little explainer on them to say this person might actually be a bit of a pillock and you maybe you should hate them because, during the 1800s they dared to have the same views as everybody else. Ridiculous.

Adverts: Junk food adverts are banned from the London Underground, probably other places as well.

This, by the way, includes cheese. An advert for artisanal cheese was banned for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.

Gosh, when did artisanal cheese pose a threat to the fabric of British society? If we’re banning adverts promoting an unhealthy lifestyle surely we then have to ban all those fashion adverts with plus sized models?

By the way I don’t think we should do that and, yes, big can sometimes be beautiful, but not very often and showing off a body that’s got more rolls than a bakery is hardly promoting healthy eating, is it?

Cars: Ban cars! Drive slower! Drive so slowly it’ll be easier for you to ride a bike 30 miles to work. Drive through so many different Ulez and clean air zones that you won’t be able to afford to drive anymore. Ban it! Ban it! Ban it!

This is just the slow creep of totalitarianism.

Seriously, I know it might seem a bit funny but there are very serious undertones to this desire for authoritarianism.

Who has the right to ban a consenting adult from looking at a slice of cheese in an advert, or smoking?

Who is making these rules? Why do they think they know better?

Get out of my life!

Very often politicians struggle to run their own lives so stop telling me how to run mine. Knife crime and shoplifting are banned, how are they getting on at managing that?

But there is another point as well - it infantilises people.

Oh, I took one look at that statue of a slave owner and now I’ve got 50 people outside my front door picking cotton…it just doesn’t happen, does it?

People need to be strongly encouraged not to drive…no, I live in an area with terrible public transport, there’s three kids here who need to go to school and I’ve got to be in work at 9am so I’ve made the adult decision that driving is the best option for me.

Is it any wonder we have a generation coming through who are totally helpless and offended by everything they see.

Oh please shield our eyes from that picture of Winston Churchill! Oh! I saw an advert for a burger on a billboard and I had to go and eat so much junk food that I gave myself diabetes!

Grow up. Stop treating us like children who need to be sheltered. Stop telling us all things need to be banned for our own good. Get out of our lives you authoritarian little control freaks.

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