Baby rushed to hospital after swallowing four-inch sewing needle which pierced her heart

Baby holding hands with their parent in hospital (stock footage)

An X-ray showed the needle had stabbed the left ventricle of her heart (stock footage)

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 23/08/2023

- 11:57

The infant was believed to have accidentally ingested the sewing needle

A five-month-old infant was rushed to hospital after a sewing needle was discovered lodged in her heart.

The baby started convulsing at home and began to lose consciousness, causing the toddler’s parents to take her to the emergency room.

The infant’s condition continued to worsen at the hospital, and medics upon running tests, discovered a four-inch needle piercing her heart.

An X-ray showed the needle had entered the five-month-old’s stomach and stabbed the left ventricle of her heart.

Doctors performing surgery (stock footage)

Doctors at the Xi’an Children’s Hospital in China performed emergency surgery on the girl (Stock footage)

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Doctors at the Xi’an Children’s Hospital in China managed to successfully move the embroidery needle, after an emergency surgery.

Following the procedure, the baby was carefully monitored in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The parents said they had no clue as to how the needle ended up in their child.

It is believed that the needle was accidentally ingested by the young girl.

The foreign object then pierced the left ventricle by passing through the stomach wall.

Despite the successful procedure, it is unclear how long the baby will have to stay in the ICU before being allowed to return home with her parents.

This instance isn’t the first time Chinese doctors have been shocked by an X-Ray result.

In September 2022, medics made a staggering discovery when examining the X-ray results of a child who was struggling to urinate.

Sewing needle

A four-inch sewing needle pierced the five-month-old's heart

Wikimedia Commons

Scans of the 11-year-old’s penis showed an acupuncture needle which had been pushed up his bladder tube.

The boy admitted to inserting the 8cm needle out of boredom, after doctors questioned the child.

This led to significant pain for the child, who eventually asked his parents for help but did not initially admit to what he had done.

An urgent surgical procedure had to be performed to remove the foreign object.

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