Berlin Marathon crashed by eco-mob as race plunged into chaos

The Last Generation protest

The protest was staged by a group called the Last Generation

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 24/09/2023

- 15:48

Updated: 24/09/2023

- 16:17

The group chucked orange paint at the runners

Eco protesters descended on the Berlin Marathon today, throwing paint and trying to block runners.

The group, known as the Last Generation, ran onto the road and began spray-painting bright orange paint at the runners.

They were quickly removed by police and volunteers at the event, before the race then kicked off.

Police tackled them to the floor, after they began pouring orange paint over the ground.

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Over 45,000 people were taking part in the 45k race, which continued as plan despite the interruption.

In a post on social media by the Lost Generation, which has been translated into English reads: "Warning colour on the track - we have to get out of the fossils by 2030 for a chance of survival.

"Do you want to see us again at the next big event or do you finally want to listen to us? It's also about you and everyone you love!

"By the way: We are just as sorry to interrupt a craftsman's everyday life as we are to interrupt a runner's long-awaited competition.


"We are doing this because we are in dire straits. In existential danger!'

According to German media, the group announced on Friday that they were planning to cause disruption at the marathon.

Traces of the bright paint could be seen covering the ground at the start of the race.

Pictures taken show the protest group members being escorted away by police.

Chaos at the start line of the marathon

Chaos at the start line of the marathon


Despite the interruption, runners were able to embark on the 26 mile long distance route around the German capital.

Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge set a record time of 2:02:42, beating his own previous world record.

Kipchoge became the first five time winner of the Berlin Marathon.

Meanwhile, Tigist Assefa also set a new world record in the woman's race after completing the course in 2:11:52 hours.

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