Victor Davis Hanson delivers bleak warning as worldwide tensions ramp up - ‘Most dangerous time since the 1930s’

Victor Davis Hanson delivers bleak warning as worldwide tensions ramp up - ‘Most dangerous time since the 1930s’

WATCH NOW: Victor Davis Hanson says the world is in its 'most dangerous time since the 1930s'

Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 04/04/2024

- 16:40

Updated: 04/04/2024

- 16:44

Tensions are escalating in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas

Author and Historian Victor Davis Hanson has warned that the world is in its "most dangerous time since the 1930s" as conflicts continue in Israel and Ukraine.

This follows the re-election of Vladimir Putin in Russia, who is continuing his invasion of Ukraine, along with ramped up tensions in the Middle East as the war between Israel and Hamas deepens.

Speaking to GBN America, Hanson claimed the world is in its "most dangerous time" since the 1930s.

He also felt the Trump administration was "tough on Iran" and "Putin knew that he shouldn't go in anywhere" as a result.

Host Nigel Farage said "many people in Central Europe are worried as to what's next", following the re-election of Putin with a "massive majority", and the events of Gaza and Ukraine.

Victor Davis Hanson and Vladimir Putin

Victor Davis Hanson says the world is in its most 'dangerous place since the 1930s'

GBN America / Reuters

Nigel told Hanson: "The increasing dangerous, perhaps even violent behaviour coming from Iran, it's almost as if our domestic populations think, 'well, it's a long way away from us. None of it ever affects us'."

Hanson criticised the efforts of the Biden administration and said the US is "really subsidising Iran and its terrorist appendages".

Hanson explained: "We had a Jacksonian policy under Trump. It wasn't nation building and it wasn't optional or unnecessary interventions, but it was no better friend, no worse enemy. In other words, we took out [Qasem] Soleimani, we destroyed ISIS.

"It was the only administration of the last four that Putin did not cross an international border to attack a neighbour. He did that during Bush. He did that during Obama. He did that during Biden."

Hanson argued that the US now believes its administration and other administrations around the world should "cede authority" to international groups.

Hanson explained: "We've got the idea that either we should cede authority to international groups in a non-military context, the WHO (World Health Organisation) , the International Criminal Court or the UN (United Nations).

"More importantly, we have this Obama relic that in the Middle East - Tehran, Beirut, Damascus, Hamas, Gaza, they all form an arc that's a necessary balance to the Gulf chiefdoms, the moderate Arabs and Israel.

"And that creative tension then allows us to withdraw and every once in a while intervene."

Hanson noted that in the last three years, we have been "largely right" in the assumption that a "sense of deterrence is lost" and there's "not going to be any repercussions".

Victor Davis Hanson

Hanson said Donald Trump was 'tough on Putin' when he was US President

GBN America

Hanson told GBN America: "Generally, there's a sense of deterrence lost and countries think they can make the necessary adjustments in their national interests that are mostly illiberal and autocratic at the expense of the free world.

"And there's not going to be any repercussions - in the last three years we are largely right in that assumption."

He added: "We heard Biden say if Putin goes in and it's a minor offensive, there will be no consequences, or let's suspend aid to Ukraine, the $100million.

"And he'll look at that magnanimity as friendship to be reciprocated."

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