WhatsApp will stop working on millions of phones in just TWO days - How you can avoid being cut-off

WhatsApp will stop working on older iPhone and Android mobile phones
WhatsApp will stop working on older iPhone and Android mobile phones
Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 29/12/2022

- 10:33

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:25

WhatsApp will soon stop working for millions of mobile phones

Users of older iPhone and Android mobiles will soon be cut-off from WhatsApp on December 31 unless they get an upgrade.

The popular messaging app will no longer work on 49 makes of phone, including the iPhone 5 and 5c along with various Android models such as Samsung, Huawei and LG.

Anyone affected will receive a warning message before the app ceases.

PICTURE POSED BY A MODEL File photo dated 21/08/14 of a child using an Apple iPhone smartphone. Blue light from phones and tablets may alter hormone levels and increase the risk of early puberty in children, early research suggests. Issue date: Friday September 16, 2022.
Users will need to update WhatsApp in order to continue using the app
Peter Byrne

WhatsApp said: “Devices and software change often, so we regularly review what operating systems we support and make updates.

“These devices also might not have the latest security updates, or might lack the functionality required to run WhatsApp.

“To choose what to stop supporting, every year we, like other technology companies, look at which devices and software are the oldest and have the fewest number of people still using them.

To update your operating system on an iPhone go to the ‘general’ settings and select ‘software update’."

File photo dated 03/01/18 of social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp, displayed on a mobile phone screen. A new voluntary code of practice for app store operators and developers will ask them to boost security and privacy to better protect users, the Government has said. Issue date: Friday December 9, 2022.
Older mobile phone users must update WhatsApp
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