Putin is lying - 'Russia IS working on AI as much as America', former CIA agent reveals

Putin is lying - 'Russia IS working on AI as much as America', former CIA agent reveals

Laura Ballman issues a warning over Russia's AI capabilities

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 04/12/2023

- 18:36

Russia has set out its stall in the AI arms race

Vladimir Putin is lying about Russia’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) operation and the country is working on the technology “as much as America”, a former CIA agent has claimed.

Laura Ballman spoke to GB News about Putin suggesting AI is a “Western plot”, arguing that the president is wrong to suggest it is not the “next frontier” in intelligence.

“Putin is a fantasist if he thinks this”, she said.

“Russian engineers and scientists are working on AI just as much as we are.

Vladimir Putin and Laura Ballman

A former CIA agent has issued a warning over Russia's AI operation


“A sign of how serious Moscow takes this is two leading scientists in quantum computing were accused of spying for China.

“Both of these men were carrying out incredibly important work in Siberia. One disappeared and one died.


Vladimir Putin

Putin wants to unlock the capabilities of AI


“I think Putin is being disingenuous at best.”

It comes as Russia laid out its stake in the AI arms race.

Putin is determined to ensure Russia has a seat at the table, pledging a new national strategy for AI development.

“Our domestic models of artificial intelligence must reflect the entire wealth and diversity of world culture, the heritage, knowledge and wisdom of all civilisations”, he said.

Putin also laid out plans to change laws and boost international cooperation to achieve its goals.

GB News presenter Jacob Rees-Mogg questioned Ballman on Putin’s bid for international cooperation, with a potential partnership with China mooted.

“It is preposterous, the idea that Putin, who is leading a charge to wipe out Ukrainian cultural existence, would turn around and say ‘AI is a cultural heritage issue’,” she said.

English-speaking countries have been proactive in AI research, with the US and the UK claiming the top spots in a ranking of the highest number of significant machine learning systems, according to Stanford’s Institute for Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence.

Rishi Sunak has nosed Britain as an authoritative figure on the matter, hosting delegates from different countries in an AI forum in early November.

Figures like Elon Musk were present as calls for caution were uttered over the technology’s development.

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