Texas wants its BREXIT! - 60 per cent of Texans support independence: 'We're ready for self-government!'

Texas wants its BREXIT! - 60 per cent of Texans support independence: 'We're ready for self-government!'

WATCH NOW: Dan Miller says Texas is ready for independence

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 01/02/2024

- 19:12

Dan Miller started the Texas Nationalist Movement in 2005 in a bid to secure independence

Leader of the Texas Nationalist Movement Dan Miller claims there is growing support for the state's independence, following a recent battle with President Joe Biden over border security.

This comes as The Texas Supreme Court recently declined to hear a case brought by the separatist group, seeking the state’s independence from the United States.

A petition was signed by 139,000 residents, but it reportedly only needed around 97,000 to be considered.

The Texas Supreme Court shut down the bid for a vote on the state’s independence, but did not provide a reason as to why it declined to hear the case.

Joe Biden and Dan Miller

Dan Miller says Texas is ready for 'self-government'

GB News America

Chair of the state's Republican Party Matthew Rinaldi said: "We are thankful the Texas Supreme Court swiftly rejected the Texas Nationalist Movement’s petition to allow electronic signatures gathered on the internet to be used for petitions, voter registrations and mail-in ballots.

“As we said, and as it took the Supreme Court less than a day to determine, the Republican Party of Texas complied with clear Texas law in rejecting TNM’s internet petition.”

Speaking to GB News America, Texas Nationalist Movement's Dan Miller claimed there is a "clear picture" of what the state wants to achieve in being independent and a "self-governing nation".

Miller added that the group has been campaigning for the right to self-govern for nearly 20 years.

Miller told GB News America: "We know what it looks like when people want to reclaim their right of self-government. What we've seen is growth from supporting single digits to now.

"The latest polling shows that support for Texas is 60 per cent of voters in Texas. So we're ready to reclaim our right of self-government and become a self-governing nation among nations."

Host Patrick Christys asked Miller what the main factor is that is pushing Texans towards independence, as Miller revealed that the growing illegal migration is a key issue for voters.

Miller claimed immigration and particularly the border issues are "real drivers" for residents of the state.

Dan Miller

Dan Miller says over half of voters in Texas want independence for the state

GB News America

Miller explained: "Something that we saw during the Brexit debate was the role that unrestricted mass migration played in helping people understand the fundamental brokenness of the European Union.

"Unrestricted mass migration and border issues are not the sole motivator. They do represent an outsized portion of it, but it really is symptomatic of a much larger problem."

He added: "The relationship between the federal government and the states is fundamentally broken. Texans want to govern themselves in a very certain way.

"The federal government implements a one size fits none policy, and in doing so they ignore the wishes of the people, not just in Texas but in other states as well."

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