New York tipped for electoral fallout after Democratic infighting over migrants

Eric Adams and Joe Biden

New York tipped for electoral fallout after Democratic infighting over migrants

Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 14/09/2023

- 22:37

The New York Mayor said the migrant crisis threatened to ‘destroy’ his city

Democratic infighting over the New York migrant crisis has been tipped to cause a major electoral fallout in the city.

New York Mayor Eric Adams, unleashed a furious tirade against Joe Biden earlier this month, warning the president that the thousands of migrants coming to his city threatened to “destroy” the city.

He went on to accuse Biden’s government of not providing enough support to asylum seekers.

The city has received over 100,000 migrants in the past year with around 10,000 arriving each month.

Migrants in New York

Migrants in New York


Adams said at the time: “I’m gonna tell you something, New Yorkers, never in my life have I had a problem that I didn’t see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this.

He stressed: “This issue will destroy New York City. Destroy New York City.

“We're getting 10,000 migrants a month... Now we're getting people from all over the globe have made their minds up that they're going to come through the southern part of the border and come into New York City.”

Following the outburst, Democrats have been told they need to rally around Biden in the run-up to the 2024 elections.


Protest against migrants in New York

Protest against migrants in New York


One insider claimed the crisis could steer voters away from Biden.

Some of these suburbs could be key to Democrats flipping the House of Representatives.

“The situation in [New York] is a liability for Biden,” a former Democratic campaign official said.

“It threatens to excite the Republican base, and dampen the Democratic base.”

Eric AdamsEric Adams told migrants to 'stay away'Reuters

The comments come after Texas Governor Greg Abbott threatened Biden with sending more buses filled with migrants to Washington DC and other sanctuary cities following the president’s ‘Remain in Texas’ plans.

He recently followed up on the threats, writing on social media: “Biden’s outrageous ‘Remain In Texas’ plan will NOT be tolerated.

“Texans — and Americans — are fed up with his open border policies.”

Commenting on the situation in New York and other cities receiving migrants from his state, he added: “Mayor Adams and other sanctuary city mayors would not last a week in Texas.

“Cities like New York, Chicago, LA, and others deal with a fraction of the burden Texas border towns face each day.

“Liberal open border policies do not work in America.”

Queue of migrants and Bo DietlFormer police detective Bo Dietl warned the New York City was 'under siege' from migrantsGB News/Reuters

GB News spoke last week to former NYPD detective Bo Dietl, who claimed the city was “under siege” from migrants.

Dietl agreed with Adams’s comments, adding that the welcoming of migrants was akin to “opening Pandora’s box”.

“He [Adams] was trying to do the right thing,” the former detective said.

“He felt as though we're a sanctuary city. But not in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine this influx.”

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