Media Matters blasted for 'advancing cancel culture' after social media hoax: 'Actively lying and manipulating!'

Media Matters blasted for 'advancing cancel culture' after social media hoax: 'Actively lying and manipulating!'

WATCH NOW: Lauren Chen blasts Media Matters for 'advancing cancel culture'

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 29/05/2024

- 22:57

Updated: 30/05/2024

- 07:47

Media Matters for America have been forced to fire at least a dozen employees following a defamation lawsuit

Liberal watchdogs Media Matters for America have been accused of "actively lying and manipulating" after being sued for their latest social media hoax.

X owner Elon Musk sued the nonprofit organisation for defamation last November, following accusations of manufacturing images showing advertisements from major companies alongside posts made by white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Discussing the hoax on GBN America, commentator and host of Blaze TV, Lauren Chen, hit out at the group and condemned the "smear-merchants" for their actions on X.

In a discussion with host Patrick Christys, Chen claimed they are "100 per cent dedicated to advancing cancel culture".

Media Matters logo and Lauren Chen

Lauren Chen says Media Matters is 'advancing cancel culture'

Media Matters / GBNA

Chen explained: "They are best known for their hit pieces on popular right wing figures, people like Charlie Kirk and Matt Walsh.

"They look for sound bites they could take out of context, to paint them in the most terrible light possible, in the hopes that either their organisation drops them or sponsors."

Sharing her thoughts on the latest incident with X, Chen said although "some may think it's a good thing that Nazis aren't monetised on a platform like X", others would argue that the move is very much "anti-free speech".

Chen argued: "Make no mistake, the goal of Media Matters with this specific project of theirs was not just to make sure that Nazis weren't getting paid to post on X, but to ensure that X was advancing censorious terms of service, much like the previous administration did before them.


Media Matters has been forced to fire at least a dozen employees following a defamation lawsuit


"They are anti-free speech and that exactly is why they're trying to make it seem like you could be, uh, posting just terrible hate speech on X and still getting monetised, still getting tons of views, which of course, you know, is really not the case."


Patrick shared his thoughts on Media Matters and said it was "fascinating" that there is now a "cast-iron example" of a far-left organisation "actively lying and manipulating".

Patrick told GBNA: "We now have a cast iron example of a really quite far-left company, not just engaging in a little bit of negative PR for people they dislike, but actively trying to ruin them, actively trying to cancel them, and being willing to lie and manipulate in order to do that.

"And I think there is a lesson in that, isn't there? When you see popular right-wing figures that face cancellation, maybe just look a little bit below the surface and see what's behind it."

Chen agreed, admitting that what Patrick explained is her "main problem" with organisations such as Media Matters.

Lauren Chen

Lauren Chen says Media Matters are 'anti-free speech'


Chen added: "It's not just about pushing a left-wing agenda or trying to hold people in the media accountable. They are actively smear merchants and I've been a target of theirs before.

"I wouldn't be surprised if many people at GB News aren't on their radar as well. It's one thing if you're a leftist and you're trying to advocate for your cause and you're producing content, people are interested in Media Matters.

"Really, it seems like their entire organisation is dedicated to watching right-wing news content and trying to take out little soundbites to put out to their audience."

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