'Woke left' eviscerated for ‘questionable alliance’ with Palestine - Lauren Chen

'Woke left' eviscerated for ‘questionable alliance’ with Palestine - Lauren Chen
Woke left eviscerated for ‘questionable alliance’ with Palestine - Lauren Chen
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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 01/05/2024

- 08:49

Chen also slammed the activist group Queers for Palestine

US political commentator Lauren Chen has claimed that the "woke left" has a "questionable alliance" with Palestine when it comes to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The political commentator also slammed the group "Queers for Palestine."

Discussion surrounding this apparent discordant alliance between some people in the LGBTQ community and fundamentalist Islam has seen a resurgence with the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

Chen joined Mark Dolan on GBN America to give her take on the demonstrations and the "woke left."

Lauren Chen, Mark Dolan

Lauren Chen said the woke left bring other issues into the conflict

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Mark asked her: "It's interesting, isn't it? The group, the progressive left or the woke left. Call them what you like.

"They go on about diversity but they don't accept diversity of thought and diversity of opinion? They all think the same set of things. tell me about one thingism the new concept?"


Chen responded: "Well, it's this idea that really every struggle needs to be every single struggle.

"We can talk about this in light of the Israel-Palestine conflict. It's not just about that specific conflict.

"We need to bring in the racial aspect of it all, the issue of colonialism, you also have, strangely enough, intersectional queer theory trying to attach itself.

"We've seen Queers for Palestine, one of the more questionable alliances to come out of this idea of intersectionality.

LGBT Member

The Israel-Hamas war has reignited other protests


"I guess it's the idea that any struggle needs to be representative of the revolution, of the Marxist takeover, what have you.

"This is again another reason why, even if you are sympathetic to what's happening in Gaza right now, I would caution you very strongly against making allies out of these woke leftist activists who might, on the surface, share your opinions.

"If you go deeper than that, it's not just about Israel-Palestine. It is about secularism in general, racism in general, oppression by European people of native indigenous populations in general."

Last week, some 108 arrests were made at Emerson College, Boston police told CBS News.

Lauren Chen

Lauren Chen said that the alliance was "questionable"

GB News

Activists are demanding universities “divest from genocide” by halting their investment in companies involved in weapons manufacturing and other industries supporting Israel’s war in Gaza.

Israel has strongly denied any suggestion it is committing genocide in the Palestinian enclave despite the International Court of Justice saying the accusation was “plausible”.

The war began when Hamas-led gunmen carried out a terror attack on southern Israel on October 7, killing about 1,200 people, mostly civilians.

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