‘This is the Wild West!’ Michael Knowles defends ‘right to self-defence’ amid calls for more guns in schools

‘This is the Wild West!’ Michael Knowles defends ‘right to self-defence’ amid calls for more guns in schools

WATCH NOW: Michael Knowles defends latest gun law in Tennessee

Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 30/04/2024

- 21:33

Tennessee teachers and staff will be allowed to carry concealed handguns on public school grounds under new legislation

The Daily Wire host Michael Knowles has defended the latest gun law to enter the state of Tennessee, which allows guns to be carried in schools.

Tennessee governor Bill Lee has signed the new bill, allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons in their schools.

Teachers who want to carry must be approved by the school principal, school district and a local law enforcement agency, and must undergo a background check and training.

Sharing his support for the bill, Lee said he wants to "give districts tools and the option to use a tool that will keep their children safe".

Gun shop and Michael Knowles

Michael Knowles defended the right to self defence amid calls to gun law changes

Getty / GBNA

Speaking to GBN America, Knowles backed the move by Lee and said it was a "very positive development" due to the country's "plenty of school shootings in recent decades".

Detailing the political divide on the issue, Knowles claimed that the "conservatives in America support the right to self-defence, and the liberals want to take away our right to self-defence".

In a discussion with host Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, Knowles argued that "many gun control laws that have been proposed by the left" in the past "would have stopped the recent mass shootings" from taking place.

He claimed: "What stops a bad guy with a gun in America where there are more guns than people? The answer is a good guy with a gun."

Governor Bill Lee

Governor Bill Lee said the bill would 'give districts tools and the option to use a tool that will keep their children safe'


Knowles told GBN America: "In the United States, we have a culture of guns. This is the Wild West. We have more guns in America than we have people.


"And as a consequence of that, people react differently to guns. With great power comes great responsibility. And American gun owners exercise their Second Amendment rights quite responsibly.

"It's not the defenders of the Second Amendment who are abusing their gun rights, it's generally the defenders of the Second Amendment who are protecting innocent people from those who are already breaking the gun laws, who are on the books."

Jacob was in agreement with Knowles's "strong argument" in defence of the bill and said it was "very understandable" for the "good people" to exercise their right to self-defence.

Jacob explained: "It's a different culture and it's a different approach in the US.

Michael Knowles

Knowles claimed America is the 'Wild West' when it comes to gun culture


"And I think your point that when there are so many guns, you don't want to take them away from the good people just to leave them with the bad people is a very strong argument.

"If you're in the UK and nobody's got guns to start with, then it seems to me quite sensible not to give people guns to start with."

Knowles agreed, responding: "There is a such a thing, though we deny it these days, called the natural law. And we used to consider the natural law and the distinction between the natural law and the civil law, and the civil law is going to be grounded on these sorts of principles.

"Do good and avoid evil, the right to self-preservation, the right to self-defence. But that's going to look different in different places."

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