Gender dysphoric children facing 'greatest abuse scandal in modern medicine history', claims ideology campaigner

Gender dysphoric children facing 'greatest abuse scandal in modern medicine history', claims ideology campaigner

Gender dysphoric children facing 'greatest abuse scandal in modern medicine history'

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 22/04/2024

- 17:35

Chris Elston is known for travelling around the world with a billboard carrying messaging warning against the "errors of gender ideology", particularly about children

Gender ideology campaigner Chris Elston has hit out at the diagnosis of gender dysphoric children and labelled it the "greatest child abuse scandal in modern medicine history."

Gender dysphoria is a term that describes a sense of unease that a person may have because of a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity.

The campaigner explained that he feels that "distress about one's sex exists" but he would attribute the stress to other factors including autism.

Speaking to Patrick Christys on GBN America, Elston said: "This matters to me personally because I'm a dad.

Chris Elston

Chris Elston is a father of two girls

GBN America

"I have two girls and we can't send our girls into a world that's trying to change the sex of children, into a world that doesn't even know what a woman is.

"This is the greatest child abuse scandal in modern medicine history. I have learnt all about it and the more you learn, the more insane it gets.


"I just felt I was called to do something about this because it's intolerable. We cannot tolerate this a moment longer and we have to put a stop to it, hundreds of thousands of kids are coming to harm across the world."

Patrick asked him: "In North America, around three hundred thousand children, mostly girls, have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Do you think gender dysphoria actually exists?"

He responded: "So distress about one's sex exists, but honestly in almost all of these cases, it's not real gender dysphoria if that's even a thing.

"This used to be called gender identity disorder, I would even say that's not a thing either because we don't have gender identities. We have personalities.

Trans news

The transgender debate in the US has continued to grow across America


"But what we do have in life is problems and these kids, when you look at what's going on, many of them have suffered sexual abuse and trauma and other sorts of abuse. Many of them are in state care.

"A huge percentage of these kids are on the autism spectrum. There's always something else going on.

"On average, these kids have several mental health comorbidities, and we're not treating any of those.

"We're treating genders as if that's the source of all their underlying problems.

Patrick Christys, Chris Elston

Chris Elston joined Patrick Christys on GBN America

GBN America

"We need to get away from that and just find out what's really going on with these kids and just help them and give them time to grow up."

This comes as US President Joe Biden sparked controversy on Easter Sunday and was accused of failing to mark the Christian holiday and instead recognised Transgender Day of Visibility.

The President said transgender people "deserve and are entitled to the same rights and freedoms as every other American."

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