‘Decrying Putin and Xi for the same thing!’ Steve Gill rips apart ‘Team Biden’ as Colorado kicks Trump off ballot

‘Decrying Putin and Xi for the same thing!’ Steve Gill rips apart ‘Team Biden’ as Colorado kicks Trump off ballot
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 20/12/2023

- 17:29

Updated: 02/01/2024

- 10:59

Gill believes the Democrats could have legal questions to answer

Donald Trump being disqualified from the Colorado primary ballot is an action that would take place in a country like North Korea or Russia, Steve Gill has claimed.

The former advisor to the H.W Bush and Clinton Administrations said there will be legal questions to answer for authorities in Colorado as Trump is yet to be found guilty of any of the charges he faces.

Speaking on GB News, Gill warned the Democrats about the ruling kicking off a “tit for tat” warfare ahead of the election, with Republican-backed supreme courts across the nation possibly taking similar actions against Joe Biden.

“I was joking with one of my British friends earlier today that this is the greatest assault on democracy we’ve seen in America since our British cousins burned the White House in 1812”, he said.

“This insurrection provision actually came about after our American Civil War when hundreds of thousands were killed in an actual rebellion.

“Donald Trump hasn’t even been charged, I think there’s a legitimate legal claim that this would constitute double jeopard since the Trump team was impeached for this.

PutinRussian president Vladimir PutinGetty

“This is something the Democrats should be very concerned about. There are 27 Republican Attorney Generals out of 50 states.

“They could declare that Biden’s an insurrectionist and remove him the ballot and we could have tit for tat. That’s not the way you should decide elections.”

He added that country’s are “decried” for undertaking such actions, such as Russia and North Korea.

Gill told Martin Daubney that had a “third world” country taken such action, they would be met with sanctions from the US.

“They’re decrying Vladimir Putin, President Xi and Kim Jong Un for doing exactly what they’re doing to Trump”, he said.

“If a third world country did this, we would be decrying them and sanctioning them for exactly that the Biden team is doing.”

The court ruled 4-3 that Trump was not an eligible candidate as he had engaged in an insurrection over the US Capitol riot nearly three years ago.

His campaign has vowed to appeal the decision, branding it “completely flawed”.

The decision, which has been placed on hold pending appeal until next month, only applies in Colorado.

Similar attempts to kick Trump off the ballot in New Hampshire, Minnesota and Michigan have failed.

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