Amazon delivery van raided by yobs in shocking daylight theft as helpless driver watches on

A truck being raided

The truck was targeted by the group

George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 14/11/2023

- 15:07

Updated: 15/11/2023

- 07:36

The driver watched from a distance as random goods were stolen

An Amazon delivery truck was looted while the driver helplessly watched on.

The walk-in truck was approached by approximately six thieves that looked to be young boys.

The driver of the vehicle had left the doors open while completing a delivery.

She could only watch as the group took random goods from the back of the truck.

Truck being raided

The Amazon truck being raided


The incident is believed to have happened near Atlanta in Georgia, US.

It is unclear who the thieves were or exactly what was taken from the truck.

The video begins with the parked Amazon truck in the complex's car park as three of thieves hop out through the front steps by the driver's seat.

Another one in a black hoodie and tan trousers quickly snags a nearby box and runs off while the rest of them pick their goods

A woman watching

The Amazon driver was left watching on


One of the group raiding the ground falls to the ground as he rounds the corner of the truck but quickly gets back up and grabs a large brown Amazon box.

While this is going on, the driver stares at the group of looters as they raid the vehicle.

As the group run away, the driver is still watching and says something to them, but it is inaudible.

The video ends with a thief wearing a navy hoodie and black face mask running away on another sidewalk with the hefty box in hand.

It comes as Amazon drivers are under pressure to meet delivery rates and get their routes done within a certain time period.

There are around 275,000 Amazon delivery drivers in the US that typically have 170 to 350 packaged to deliver per shift, depending on the location.

Amazon drivers are independent subcontractors, which means that they don't directly work for Amazon, but instead are hired by a third-party.

Amazon was approached for a comment.

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