Ulez officer left raging after Blade Runner vigilante blocks enforcement camera

Ulez officer left raging after Blade Runner vigilante blocks enforcement camera
Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 27/09/2023

- 19:21

Updated: 27/09/2023

- 20:32

The anti-Ulez activist 'broke down' just in front of a van attempting to catch car owners

An anti-Ulez activist has been caught impeding one of Sadiq Khan's enforcement cameras after pretending to break down just in front of it.

The vigilante, who is part of the group who call themselves the "Blade Runners", parked his Renault Captur car directly in front of a van fitted with a camera to impose the London ultra low emissions zone.

Pulling up just in front of the vehicle so that the vision of the camera inside was blocked, the man opened his car boot and placed an orange warning triangle just behind his car.

It meant that the camera was unable to read the number plates of other cars passing by and was therefore unable to identify those who needed to pay the 12.50 daily Ulez surcharge.

Ulez van blocked by carThe Ulez camera was unable to register vehicle number platesFACEBOOK/ACTION AGAINST UNFAIR ULEZ

In video footage that has been widely shared on social media, the driver of the Ulez van can be heard saying exasperatedly: "Look, look, look – you can't put this in front of the camera."

In response, the activist claims: "Just broke down – got to call the RAC."

Anti-Ulez campaigners have ramped up their fight since the boundary for the charge was expanded to all London boroughs in August.

They have sought to disable cameras by using illegal methods including cutting down the cameras for deliberately driving into them.


Khan has previously warned those opposed to his pollution scheme "to stay on the right side of the law" when making their views known.

The London Mayor has also seen his popularity drop significantly in London following the Ulez expansion.

In response to activists' efforts to hamper Transport for London's policing of the emissions boundary, a spokesman for the body said: "Vandalism is unacceptable and all incidents on our network are reported to the police for investigation.

"Criminal damage to Ulez cameras or vehicles puts the perpetrators at risk of prosecution and injury, while simultaneously risking the safety of the public.

"Camera vandalism will not stop the Ulez operating London-wide.

"All vandalised cameras are repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
"We have an extensive camera network which is sufficient to support the effective operation of the scheme.

"Anyone driving a non-compliant vehicle within the expanded zone will be detected and we advise everyone to check whether their vehicle is compliant and to consider the various support that is available to help transition to greener modes of transport."

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