Teacher suspended for showing Prophet Mohammed cartoon still in hiding - Laurence Fox tells GB News

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Jamie  Micklethwaite

By Jamie Micklethwaite

Published: 30/03/2022

- 19:59

Updated: 31/03/2022

- 21:30

The head of the Reclaim Party revealed how the teacher is still living in hiding, one year on from the incident

A teacher suspended from a grammar school for showing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed to kids is still in hiding a year after the incident, Laurence Fox has revealed.

The teacher, working at Batley Grammar School in West Yorkshire, displayed the picture in an RE lesson.

After his suspension, huge protests took place outside the school, with the teacher, whose name has not been given for fear of recriminations, being reinstated after an investigation found he had done nothing wrong.

Even after getting his job back, the teacher has not returned to the school, and was rehoused with his family.

A year on from the incident, the teacher is still in hiding for fear of retribution from the community, according to Laurence Fox.


He told GB News: "This man with his family is sat in hiding.

"I spoke to him and he doesn't even want people to know how many kids he has because he is so scared about what might happen to him."

He also said: "It's the first anniversary of the teacher remaining in hiding and I think it's a very sad reflection of where we are as a country."

"I think it's a very sad day for our country as an anniversary."

News of this teacher comes as another at a top grammar school has been suspended after they allegedly used a mug with an image depicting the Prophet Mohammed.


The staff member at Colchester Royal Grammar School in Essex is said to have been photographed with the item, which had a picture from a cartoon series called Jesus And Mo on it.

They have been suspended from their role, a source said.

A spokesman for the school said: “We have been notified that an image has been shared online of an individual appearing to use a cup that has an offensive image on it.

“At this time we are looking into the matter.

“While we cannot comment on individuals, this will be reviewed in line with our policies and procedures and the appropriate robust action taken as necessary.

“The staff member concerned is currently away from the school.”

An Ofsted report, published last year, found that leaders in the school had not ensured that boys understand “how to interact appropriately” with girls, and some male pupils could be rude and make “inappropriate remarks”.

It concluded that parts of the school had become a “hostile environment” for some pupils.

Colchester Royal Grammar was also accused last year of having a “toxic and ubiquitous rape culture”, in a blog post by former student Scarlett Mansfield.

Headmaster John Russell wrote at the time that he was “shocked and saddened” by reports of “wholly unacceptable behaviours and attitudes” that some female students experienced during their time at the institution.

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