Putin lashes out at Ukraine 'terrorism' as Russia threatens retaliation after drone attacks

Vladimir Putin

Putin accused the drone attacks of being a 'terrorist act'

Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 30/05/2023

- 15:51

Updated: 30/05/2023

- 15:55

A number of drones attacked Moscow overnight

Russia has threatened to retaliate to alleged Ukraine drone attacks with the "harshest possible measures".

The Kremlin issued the warning after a series of strikes on the capital of Russia overnight.

Eight drones targeted civilian areas of Moscow and the Moscow region - with a population of over 21 million - in the early hours of Tuesday, according to Russian officials.

While there was some small damage, the government said that the drones had been either shot down or diverted with special electronic jammers.

Aftermath of drone attacks in Moscow

The drones caused minor damage in Moscow


Putin said the attackers were "clearly a sign of terrorist activity" as he blamed Ukraine.

He accused Volodymyr Zelensky of attempting "to intimidate Russia, Russian citizens and attacks on residential buildings".

The Russia's Foreign Ministry added in a statement: "Assurances by Nato officials that the Kyiv regime will not launch strikes deep into Russian territory prove to be completely hypocritical.

"Russia reserves the right to take the harshest possible measures in response to the terrorist attacks by the Kyiv regime."

Residents from a building in Moscow's Profsoyuznaya Street were evacuated during the attack, state news agency RIA has claimed.

However, a Ukrainian presidential aide denied Kyiv was directly involved in the Moscow attack.

"Of course we are pleased to watch and predict an increase in the number of attacks. But of course we have nothing directly to do with this," Mykhailo Podolyak said.

The attacks came just weeks after Russia claimed to foil an assassination attempt against Putin.

Damage from drone attacks in Russia

Russia has threatened to respond to the attacks


Earlier this month a drone exploded after making contact with the roof of the Kremlin.

Video footage shared on social media appeared to show smoke rising over the imposing Moscow complex.

The Russian President was not thought to be staying at the Kremlin at the time.

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