Schools blasted for teaching gender ideology: 'It's akin to religion’

Meghan Murphy appears on GB News' Free Speech Nation

Meghan Murphy hit out at Canadian schools for teaching gender ideology

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 18/09/2023

- 11:59

Updated: 18/09/2023

- 12:02

Meghan Murphy hit out at schools for imposing gender ideology on children

Canadian journalist and author, Meghan Murphy, has compared gender ideology to ‘religion’, amid ongoing protests in Canada against teaching gender identity in schools.

Peaceful protesters are set to take to the streets in Canada in a rally named ‘Leave Our Kids Alone’. The organisers have said the rallies are for families, parents, and anyone concerned about the impact of gender identity, ideology and legislation on children.

Speaking to Andrew Doyle on his GB News show, Free Speech Nation, Murphy discussed the need for the movement in Canada and highlighted the issue of gender in children at school.

Meghan said: “They're happening all across Canada, which is really amazing because unfortunately Canada has lagged very far behind in the fight against gender identity ideology


“And it's about parental rights, it's about what they're teaching kids in school. So in Canada, across Canada, across provinces, kids are being taught gender identity ideology. In some cases, they're being socially transitioned at school without their parents knowledge, and parents have had enough and we're going to come out to protect the kids."

Murphy continued: “This happened way back in 2016 when Trudeau's Liberal Party presented Bill C-16, which was Canada's gender identity legislation. A few of us tried to push back.

“We were completely ignored and railroaded with this legislation, which became further policies, including things like SOJI, which is the curriculum that teaches kids of all ages in public schools across Canada about gender identity ideology.

“It teaches kids that every kid has a gender identity. It instructs teachers to ask every student about their pronouns in the classroom. And again, parents don't have any say and often don't again have any knowledge.

“So kids at school, for example, will decide that, you know, now I'm a girl and now I want to be called Mary. And somewhere down the line parents will find out and they haven't been informed. And it's quite dangerous.”

Andrew Doyle then questioned Meghan’s personal stance on gender identity being taught in schools.

He asked: “So the problem really is that the teachers and people in authority in Canada are teaching this contested idea as though it's fact. Is that right?”

Meghan replied: “That's right. And you know, I see gender identity ideology as akin to religion. This is all really faith-based as far as I'm concerned. So this belief that you could be a different sex on the inside.”

Meghan Murphy speaks to Andrew Doyle on GB News' Free Speech Nation

Meghan Murphy compared gender ideology to 'religion' on GB News' Free Speech Nation

GB News

“And the dangerous part, of course, is that if you are the a different sex on the inside, then you have to transition your outside through extremely invasive, really dangerous experimental surgeries and through hormones, through puberty blockers that harm kids for life. There's no turning back from this.

Murphy continued: “There's been this line from the trans activists, from proponents of gender identity ideology that, you know, taking puberty blockers and going on hormones is temporary and you can go back, but you can't. And these are minors. These kids cannot consent to something they don't even understand. These are kids who at this age have no idea whether or not they want to be parents when they get older. They don't understand sexual pleasure.

“They don't understand that these kinds of surgeries, these hormones, this kind of medicalisation will sterilise them for life, will ensure they can't have healthy, enjoyable sexual relationships as adults. I’m really grateful to these parents because they're finally banding together to fight back against this.

“But I would be horrified if I was a parent in Canada with young kids in school today and that they were learning all these things and being pushed into again something that really feels like a religion, which is entirely inappropriate in a wide variety of ways.”

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