Muslim father-of-four died after friends 'forced' him to drink two bottles of brandy in 30 minutes as forfeit for losing card game

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A father died after being forced to drink two bottles of brandy as a penalty for losing a card game

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 22/05/2024

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Umar Aziz allegedly had to drink the alcohol as a 'Jurmana' - the Urdu word for penalty

A father-of-four died after being “forced” to drink two bottles of brandy in 30 minutes as a forfeit for losing at a card game, an inquest has heard.

Umar Aziz, 35, was then placed on a chair outside a cabin where his friends took photos and videos of the inebriated father who allegedly had to drink the alcohol as a “Jurmana” - the Urdu word for penalty.

The 35-year-old was then put into the back of his car and locked into a compound overnight by himself - all the night before he was due to attend his sister’s wedding.

He was found the next day by his friend Abdul Shaqoor at 12.17pm the next day after he returned to the compound in Bradford, West Yorkshire. He then took him to a nearby hospital.

Bradford city centre

Aziz was locked in a compound overnight in Bradford

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The young father died from fatal levels of alcohol having 330mg of alcohol per 1000ml of blood - over four times the drink-drive limit. Pathologist Dr Richard Knight said the cause of death was acute alcohol intoxication.

Aziz was carrying thousands of pounds to buy a wedding present for his sibling - the money has never been found, Bradford Coroners' Court heard.

Barrister Matthew Stanbury, representing Aziz’ family, said: “Jurmana was banded about as a concept in your group.” However, Shaqoor denied this and said the word actually translates to "treat".

No charges were brought against any of the five men present that night, despite a police investigation.


The court heard that Aziz had a close group of friends, with some dating back to childhood, and would frequently meet up to drink and smoke.

His wife of 14-years, Sadhaf Ikllaq, said that her husband would often come home in a drunken state.

She told the court: “He would meet his friends and drink alcohol. Friends have brought him home and took him upstairs but sometimes he couldn't get upstairs and he would sleep downstairs.

“He never went to see friends and not come back home, even if it was 5am that he got back. I know because I always wait up.


​Aziz was 'forced' to drink the alcohol after losing a card game


“Sometimes friends would bring him out of the car. Sometimes he couldn't stand up straight and would lean on the glass panel of the door and I'd open the door.”

Shaqoor said that nobody offered to take Aziz home as the father-of-four allegedly told him that he would book a hotel, before he then decided to sleep in his car.

CCTV footage from the mosque next door captured Aziz’s last moments, with him bending over to be sick whilst his friends took photos and videos of him.

The coroner said that Jurmana was a “childish thing to do”, “given your age”.

The inquest, due to last all week, continues.

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