Labour's Wes Streeting erupts at Boris Johnson in GB News interview: 'This is a basic sacking offence'

Labour's Wes Streeting erupts at Boris Johnson in GB News interview: 'This is a basic sacking offence'
Wes on Partygate
Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 30/03/2022

- 09:55

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:58

Mr Streeting urged voters to think about whether they are happy with the "prime ministers blatant lying"

A Labour MP has hit out at Prime Minister Boris Johnson for “regularly lying” about the Partygate scandal.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed on Tuesday that it would be referring an initial 20 fixed penalty notices (FPN) over the investigation that looked into 12 separate incidents, including as many as six that Boris Johnson is said to have attended.

Police will hand over the FPN's to the ACRO Criminal Records Office, who will then be responsible for issuing fines to individuals.

Speaking to GB News on Wednesday, Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting said Mr Johnson had committed a “basic sacking offence” and urged voters to think again about whether they are happy with the Prime Minister's lying.

Mr Streeting told GB News’s Breakfast with Isabel and Eamonn: “I’ve got some sympathy for the argument that says there’s lots of other important things going on, yes that’s true.

“But I don’t think we should be casual or dismissive that the PM lied regularly and repeatedly to Parliament, to the country and to the Queen. I don’t think that is something that we should dismiss lightly.

“The fact is that there was law-breaking in Number 10 during the pandemic and to add insult to injury, the Prime Minister lied about it."

He added: “And that is a basic sacking offence under the ministerial code that Boris Johnson put his name on.

“I don’t think MPs are going to remove Boris Johnson, I think there are basically standing up for him and with him. And I think they should be judged alongside him bluntly.

Defence Secretary Dominic Raab
Defence Secretary Dominic Raab
GB News

“All I would say to your viewers, as voters actually: Are you really happy with the idea that prime ministers can blatantly lie and get on with it?

"Because I think this is a fundamental in democracy."

In response to the fines, Defence Secretary Dominic Raab told GB News "it's clear the law was breached", before backing Mr Johnson.

Mr Raab said: "In relation to the 20 cases, it’s clear the law was breached. That’s why the FPNs have been handed down.

"The Metropolitan Police investigation is ongoing and we’ll respect and corporate with it as we’ve said all along.

"More generally the Prime Minister has taken action based on the Sue Gray interim report. He said he takes responsibility, he’s overhauled No.10 and as he’s made clear he’s not just cooperated with the Sue Gray report but also the Metropolitan Police process.

"Of course that needs to run its course and I’m not going to prejudice or pre-empt or comment on any further aspects of it.

"I think he’s answered those questions to the best of his abilities, but he recognised the challenges and the questions and claims which is precisely why he initiated the Sue Gray inquiry.

"That’s why the police conducted their investigation, we always said that was fit and proper and independent and we embraced the transparency and accountability that was followed."

Labour MP West Streeting
Labour MP West Streeting
GB News

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