David Starkey says any new Prime Minister must be patriotic to hold the north and the south

David Starkey says any new Prime Minister must be patriotic to hold the north and the south
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Anna Fox

By Anna Fox

Published: 06/07/2022

- 20:52

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:52

Boris Johnson remains confident in his premiership, refusing to resign despite pressure from Cabinet ministers

Historian and Broadcaster David Starkey says any new Prime Minister must be overwhelmingly patriotic in order to please Conservative voters in the north and the south of the country.

Responding to mounting pressure on the Prime Minister to resign following the handling of misconduct allegations against former deputy chief whip Chris Pincher, Mr Starkey deemed Mr Johnson as "catastrophically incompetent".

Discussing the mounting resignations submitted to the Prime Minister, the most in fact in 24 hours since 1932, the historian noted the key to a long lasting premiership in office is having "pride in your country".

The Prime Minister could face a fresh challenge to his premiership, as the 1922 Committee met earlier today, discussing plans to change the leadership election rules.

David Starkey
David Starkey

Deciding not to change the leadership election rules, an MP who attended the meeting told GB News reporter Tom Harwood that instead of a rule change, the committee has sped up the election process, with backbench MPs now set to vote on Monday instead of Wednesday.

David Starkey told GB News Presenter Nigel Farage how "any new Tory leader that hopes to hold the north and the south" must be "patriotic" in order to succeed.

He added: "The key to doing it is to be proud of your country" stating how "essentially it's a commitment to patriotism and a pride in your country".

The comments follow the meeting of the 1922 Committee earlier, who hold a vast amount of power when it comes to removing leaders.

Chair of the '22, Sir Graham Brady announced a vote against the Prime Minister last month, following the submission of 54 letter of no confidence against the Prime Minister.

Boris survived a confidence vote in June and under current rules he is immune from another challenge for 12 months.

The 1922 executive member Gary Sambrook. blasted Mr Johnson for his handling of the Chris Pincher fiasco, suggesting there is “nothing left for him to do other than to take responsibility and resign”.

Nominations for a new Prime Minister would be open for Conservative MPs if Mr Johnson was defeated in a fresh confidence vote, with MPs potentially whittling the candidates down to the final two before the summer recess.

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