Covid restrictions' return backed by young people for tragic reason

Covid restrictions' return backed by young people for tragic reason

WATCH: The Good Afternoon Britain panel discusses the polling from More in Common

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 12/12/2023

- 16:07

Updated: 12/12/2023

- 16:07

More in Common UK interviewed over 2,000 people about lockdown restrictions

The pollster behind a national survey has revealed the reason why young people are more in favour of Covid restrictions being re-introduced in Britain.

More in Common UK said that for younger people, some form of Covid restriction "is all they know about adult life".

The organisation polled 2,033 people between November 30 and December 4 asking about if they would back some form of Covid measures.

They were asked "Currently, there are no legal Covid-19 restrictions in place in the UK. Thinking of the current health situation in the UK, would you support or oppose the Government re-introducing each of the following Covid-19 restrictions at the current time?"

A covid restriction

All domestic legal covid restrictions in England in February 2022


UK associate at More In Common Ed Hodgson, who conducted the poll, told GB News: "We found through focus groups there were slightly more nuanced responses. We had lots of people looking back negatively but some people said they liked the slower pace of life.

"Also during Covid, we found that people were more willing for the government to intervene. I guess it's the question of how much of that stuck around. But there was also some sense of nostalgia for that period.

"When we did the poll, the whole thing surprised us because there were pockets of people who wanted restrictions back and the millennials were the most likely to have more people supporting the measures coming back in.

"We did the poll twice just because we wanted to make sure people understand this was not a hypothetical, we weren't asking what would people want if covid got worse. We were asking what they thought right now."


People on a night out

Polling revealed younger people are more in favour of the reintroduction of measures than older people


The polling found that younger people had more people in favour of closing of nightclubs and pubs, with 31 per cent of Gen Z (18-24) and 33 per cent of millennials (25-40) supporting the restriction.

Hodgson added: "It is interesting to think more young people would be more in favour of these authoritarian measures, with more being happier with a bigger state. It is not necessarily surprising when you think about it in that way.

"A lot of younger people have high concerns as they may be living in a city. Also Gen Z may be more receptive to the reintroduction of measures because they went to university during lockdown. It is all they know about adult life.

"Especially compared to older people who are going to be more anti-state intervention. They're also not going to be going to nightclubs so there is that."

Around 27 per cent for both Gen X and Baby Boomers supported the closure of nightclubs.

The Silent Generation (aged 75+) was the least supportive on restrictions on meeting in groups more than six, with just 18 per cent supporting and 78 opposing it.

Closing of restaurants and pubs was supported by 25 per cent of both Gen Z and Millennials.

This is compared to 17 per cent for Baby Boomers and just 12 per cent for The Silent Generation.

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