Bronson Battersby home targeted by BURGLARS just hours after bodies found with valuables stolen

Bronson Battersby home targeted by BURGLARS just hours after bodies found with valuables stolen

WATCH HERE: Burglars break into Bronson Battersby's home

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Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 18/01/2024

- 17:17

Updated: 18/01/2024

- 17:48

Thieves made off with dad Kenneth’s wallet and some pills

Depraved burglars were found to have broken into the home of Bronson and Kenneth Battersby after both were tragically found dead.

Bronson, 2, and his father Kenneth, 60, were found dead in their home in Skegness, Lincolnshire on January 9 by the landlady of the property Maria Clifton-Plaice.

It is understood that Kenneth died of a heart attack leaving Bronson alone.

However, being only two years old, he was unable to fend for himself and died of starvation and dehydration curled up with his dad.

Bronson Battersby and his father KennethTwo-year-old left to die alone of starvation after social services failed to act after dad's heart attackFacebook

It has since emerged that within 24 hours of the bodies being discovered by social services, intruders crept into the property through a back window and stole Kenneth’s wallet and medication.

Clifton-Plaice said the perpetrators crept into the property on January 10.

“They got in via a back window. They prised open the window, bent the hinges back and crawled through,” she told Daily Mail.

“The television wasn't taken or any other valuable items but I noticed a few things out of place in the kitchen.

“I looked in the cupboard where Kenny would keep a wallet with his rent money in and it had gone.

Bronson BattersbyBronson Battersby was found by social services after not being seen for two weeksFacebook

“Whoever had taken it had also taken his Tramadol medication. They'd left the packaging but the pills themselves had vanished.

“I knew they'd been there the day before when the police were here.

“It was just a day after Kenny and Bronson had been found dead in the living room.

“It makes you despair really, how low can people stoop?”

\u200bBronson BattersbyBronson Battersby was only two years old when he tragically diedFacebook

Both Bronson and Kenneth were last seen alive on Boxing Day.

Reports of the burglary come after the IOPC today confirmed an investigation will be launched into the two deaths.

“The harrowing circumstances in which Kenneth and Bronson Battersby died are truly shocking,” Regional Director for the IOPC Derrick Campbell said.

“Our sympathies go out to everyone affected by their sad deaths.

“It is appropriate we carry out an independent investigation to consider the police response to any prior welfare concerns that were raised.

“We will be examining whether there were any missed opportunities by police to check on Mr Battersby and Bronson sooner.

“We will be in contact with Bronson’s mother and Mr Battersby’s family in due course to explain our role and how our investigation will progress.”

Speaking of the moment she discovered the bodies, Clifton-Plaice told the BBC: “I opened the lounge door and Kenny was just laid on the floor and I knew he was dead.

“It was just a horrible, horrible tragedy for that poor little boy and Kenny.

“We're just heartbroken; the past 10 years, as a personal friend, he really helped me out when I needed him.”

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