Britain to bask in ‘wall-to-wall sunshine’ amid 32C heatwave

Britain to bask in ‘wall-to-wall sunshine’ amid 32C heatwave
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Carl Bennett

By Carl Bennett

Published: 09/07/2022

- 15:05

Updated: 09/07/2022

- 17:19

On Friday parts of the country were hotter than Los Angeles

Britain will bask in “wall-to-wall sunshine” over the weekend amid a heatwave that could bring temperatures upwards of 32C, forecasters have said.

London and south-east England are expected to see highs of 29C and clear skies on Sunday after parts of the country got hotter than Los Angeles and Santorini on Friday.

The heatwave will continue into next week, with temperatures set to soar above 32C on Tuesday, potentially making it the warmest day of the year so far.

The UK’s record high for 2022 currently stands at 32.7C, taken at a Heathrow on June 17, the Met Office said.

People enjoy the warm weather on Southsea Beach in Hampshire.
People enjoy the warm weather on Southsea Beach in Hampshire.
Andrew Matthews

Parents have been urged to limit children’s sun exposure and keep them hydrated in the hot weather.

A heat-health alert has also been issued for some regions, with those in affected areas advised to shade or cover windows and check on the vulnerable and the elderly.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) warning will be in force from Monday July 11 until Friday July 15, including regions in the south-east and east of England.

It comes after temperatures soared across the country on Friday, with the mercury hitting 28.5C in St James’s Park, London.

Met Office meteorologist Dan Stroud said Saturday is likely to see similar highs across England and Wales, with a brief spell of light cloud in some parts of the UK breaking up in time for Sunday morning.

People enjoy the warm weather on Southsea Beach in Hampshire
People enjoy the warm weather on Southsea Beach in Hampshire
Andrew Matthews

The forecaster added: “During the course of the overnight period and into Sunday we’re likely to see cloud breaking up readily across England tomorrow, with temperatures up a notch on what we will see over the course of Saturday.

“There’s a headline maximum of around 29C over the course of Sunday in London and the South East.

“We should see pretty much wall-to-wall sunshine across the bulk of England and Wales and a good portion of Scotland. A lot of clear sky tomorrow for many of us.”

Carers should ensure children drink plenty of water, apply sun lotion and stay in the shade if they become overheated, Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust said.

“Don’t allow your children to stay in the sun for long periods – and never leave them in a car on a hot day. Resting in the shade and finding cool places is important,” it wrote on Twitter.

High pressure continues to control the weather into next week, with highs of 31C possible on Monday and above 32C on Tuesday.

The heatwave looks set to subside later in the week, when a cold front is expected to start pushing in.

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