Blindly pursuing Net Zero threatens to hasten the decline of the West and therefore poses an existential threat to the free world, says Mark Dolan

Blindly pursuing Net Zero threatens to hasten the decline of the West and therefore poses an existential threat to the free world, says Mark Dolan
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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 22/09/2022

- 20:20

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:38

Sir Patrick Vallance, a man who in my view all but bankrupted this country with the disastrous and failed experiment of lockdown, is at it again

Sir Patrick Vallance, a man who in my view all but bankrupted this country with the disastrous and failed experiment of lockdown, costing future generations a cool half a trillion quid, is at it again. This time tweeting about climate change.

No one can argue with the fact that low-cost, clean energy is highly desirable, but be clear, this sort of statement, has the same flavour as the so-called nudge messaging, born out of behavioural science, that we saw during the pandemic. In other words, brainwashing. During the pandemic, we were given the impression covid was the bubonic plague, which it was not. And now the message, is that the earth will have burnt down by next Tuesday, due to global warming. On the positive side, we’ll have a nice warm weekend before it happens. The important part of his tweet, is the expression net zero, which as we have discovered in recent months, has proved to be the undoing of this country and the West.

Arrogant German leaders laughed at Donald Trump in 2018, when the then President warned them that Germany was getting far too dependent on Russian oil and gas.

Well here we are. Germany has spent hundreds of billions of pounds on renewables over the last 10 years and yet are facing energy Armageddon in the months ahead, with their lucrative manufacturing base, made up of the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Siemens, facing an energy supply crisis for their factories. Will the last person to leave Germany, please switch the lights out.

And Angela Merkel, the most overrated European politician in decades proudly announced in 2011, aided and abetted by green MPs in her coalition, that Germany was not going to pursue nuclear.

That aged well, didn’t it. And disgracefully, David Cameron also failed to green light several new nuclear power stations in 2010.

Mark Dolan says Angela Merkel is 'overrated'.
Mark Dolan says Angela Merkel is 'overrated'.

They would be up and running now and we would be in a very different place. Well done everyone. I'm all for a cleaner planet and let's get those carbon emissions down.

When it comes to global warming, my mind is open, but after two and a half years of, in my view anti-scientific covid policies, and junk modelling in relation to the virus, forgive me for having questions and not slavishly following “the science”.

Let’s debate all of this, in the way we didn’t debate Covid, and make sure that any measures are done, with the consent of voters, again, something that didn’t happen, during the pandemic, and for which we are now paying the bill.

Eye wateringly expensive green policies, which are debatable at best, given the intermittent and unreliable performance of renewables, seem to have been exclusive to the woke West, with our politicians in the UK and across Europe, proudly making announcement after announcement, about green targets and net zero.

They've won plaudits from the political, corporate and media elite, whilst making their citizens poorer, and as the great unwashed, us plebs, shiver in our homes this winter. And we will be unwashed – who the hell will be able to afford a shower, let alone a cup of tea this December.

A tunnel vision, virtue signalling approach to the environment, has destroyed our energy supply and left us in this predicament.

Mark Dolan hits out at Patrick Vallance's lockdown recommendations.
Mark Dolan hits out at Patrick Vallance's lockdown recommendations.
Hannah McKay

And whilst the west went for broke, quite literally, in pursuing net zero, China, the United States, India, Brazil and others didn't get the memo.

They continue to burn fossil fuels, like they're going out of fashion, building coal-fired power stations at a rate of nots and making a mockery of Western Europe, who are now borrowing more billions, to subsidise businesses and household with their heating bills.

Mark Dolan criticises Patrick Vallance's net zero calls.
Mark Dolan criticises Patrick Vallance's net zero calls.
Image: GB News

It's the net zero of which Patrick Vallance is so proud, that has given Vladimir Putin such a power base. By failing to tap into the natural resources that we have in this country – 20 years of shale, 30 years of gas, 100 years of coal - and spending far too long saying no to nuclear, Putin has a stranglehold over the west.

He hinted in a speech this week, that he may go nuclear with Ukraine, in that ongoing conflict. But be clear, he's already pressed the nuclear button, by successfully weaponizing his control of energy resources, upon which the west is so pathetically dependent. If we’re honest, we’ve nuked ourselves. And can we just reflect on the incredibly arrogant nature of Patrick Vallance's tweet.

He signed it off as PV, his initials of course, like he is some kind of celebrity.

We as far as I’m concerned, PV can pee off. Not satisfied with wrecking the country economically, smashing the health service to pieces and creating a miserable isolated society through lockdowns and other Covid measures, he wants to finish the country off, with yet another experiment – stopping climate change.

Having supported horrific mask mandates, especially for kids, which are as scientifically flaky as the masks themselves, having supported school closures, which most people now admit was a mistake, having supported vaccine mandates for millions of Brits who statistically probably didn't even need a jab in the first place, he should be keeping a very low profile.

It's my view that history will judge what SAGE, and the likes of Vallance and Whitty, have done to this country, very harshly indeed.

Jail sentence? You tell me – it WOULD be funny to lock THEM down for a while though, wouldn’t it.. But be clear, the likes of Vallance will transfer the apparatus of control, assembled during covid, to the net zero agenda.

And as with lockdowns, measures to: in inverted commas "save the planet”, will be just as unilateral, just as undemocratic, just as coercive and will see just as little debate, as Covid restrictions. Stay home to save the planet. Don't eat meat, to save the planet.

Get rid of your car to save the planet. I want to look after the environment – who doesn’t want cleaner air, cleaner rivers and seas, and cheap, sustainable energy.

And why do you think I hate those environmentally catastrophic masks, so much.

But let’s debate how we move forward – I suspect a mix, including drilling for fossil fuels on our own shores, in the short to medium term - until renewables and nuclear, punch their weight.

By all means, phase fossil fuels out over time, when the economic case is there, and supply can be achieved by other means. But in the mean time, let’s not bankrupt ourselves, in this race to go green, whilst China and others, carry on regardless.

What a carry on. Blindly pursuing Net Zero, threatens to hasten the decline of the west, and therefore poses, an existential threat, to the free world. Net zero? Net on my watch.

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