Bev Turner furiously demands Fujitsu compensate Post Office victims: 'Not out of taxpayer pockets!'

Bev Turner furiously demands Fujitsu compensate Post Office victims: 'Not out of taxpayer pockets!'

WATCH NOW: Bev Turner rages at Fujitsu over Post Office scandal

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 09/01/2024

- 15:52

Updated: 09/01/2024

- 16:07

Former Post Office boss Paula Vennells has apologised for the 'destruction' caused by the scandal

GB News host Bev Turner has urged IT company Fujitsu to compensate the victims of the Post Office scandal, as former boss Paula Vennells returns her CBE.

After widespread calls and a public petition of over one million signatories, Vennells announced she will be handing back her honour with "immediate effect".

Vennells was awarded her CBE in 2019, for her services to the Post Office between 2007 and 2019, where for her last five years she was Chief Executive.

In a statement this afternoon, Vennells confirmed she will be handing back the honour. She stated she is "truly sorry" for the scandal and the "devastation" it has caused for hundreds of families.

Bev Turner

Bev Turner demanded Fujitsu to compensate Post Office victims

GB News

Vennells added that the victim's lives were "torn apart by being wrongly accused and wrongly prosecuted" as a result of the Horizon system.

The former Post Office boss has confirmed she will assist with the ongoing public inquiry into the scandal.

Amid the calls for Vennells to hand back her honour, tech giants Fujitsu have also been urged to take responsibility for the Horizon system, and to compensate victims.

Reacting to the fallout, GB News host Bev Turner branded the ordeal "corrupt at the heart" and that "accountability needs to be had".

Bev said: "I just hope they don't use it as a bit of have a token gesture to say they've done something, 'cause that won't make any tangible difference to those people whose lives were ruined."

Co-host Andrew Pierce agreed, adding: "It won't bring back the people who families have lost."

In a statement, Fujitsu said of the issue: "The current Post Office Horizon IT statutory inquiry is examining complex events stretching back over 20 years to understand who knew what, when, and what they did with that knowledge.

"Inquiries reinforced a devastating impact on postmasters lives and that of their families and Fujitsu has apologised for its role in their suffering."

Paula Vennells

Former Post Office Chief Paula Vennells has handed back her CBE with 'immediate effect'


In response to the statement, Andrew hit back: "Well let's see the colour of your money!"

Bev agreed with Andrew, fuming at Fujitsu: "If there's any compensation that needs paying it does not come out of the taxpayers pockets.

"It comes out of the pockets of Fujitsu who provided the technology."

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