Rishi Sunak to face GB News viewers: ‘The 2024 General Election campaign has just started’ – analysis by Christopher Hope

Rishi Sunak to face GB News viewers: ‘The 2024 General Election campaign has just started’ – analysis by Christopher Hope

WATCH HERE: Rishi Sunak urges GB News viewers to sign up for the People's Forum

GB News
Christopher Hope

By Christopher Hope

Published: 05/02/2024

- 16:15

Writing exclusively for GB News membership readers, Christopher Hope says the upcoming People's Forum will kick off the 2024 General Election

What would you ask Rishi Sunak? How many times have you turned off a political interview on television because the interviewer won't ask the right question?

Well, we at GB News have decided to do something about it by organising a ‘question and answer’ session for our viewers and listeners with the most powerful people in the land.

And who better to start with than Rishi Sunak, the Tory leader and Prime Minister, who will answer questions from an electorally-balanced audience live on GB News on Monday next week at 8pm.

The GB News People's Forum will see journalists moved to one side so that the people who really matter - voters - can ask Sunak anything they like.


Rishi SunakPrime Minister Rishi Sunak will take part in an hour long Q&AGB News

Some might say with the Tories so far behind in the polls Sunak had to try something different. But I think he deserves credit for agreeing to a Q&A format which has not been tried before in the UK.

We hope to do something similar for other party leaders like Labour's Sir Keir Starmer.

In a direct message to GB News viewers ahead of next week’s event, Sunak told us: "I want to hear about the issues that matter to you."

He also encouraged questions on the matters voters care about most, be it "the economy, immigration, the NHS", or anything else.


The PM might want those questions – but the truth is, though, that we don't know what he will be asked, and neither does he.

Anything could happen and it will be up to GB News presenter Stephen Dixon to oversee it all.

If you want to come along and ask your best question of the PM you can register your interest HERE.

If nothing else 'GB News' People's Forum: The Prime Minister' will be seen as the moment when the 2024 General Election campaign got underway in all but name.

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