British tourist fighting for life in Spanish hospital after collapsing while on holiday

Alicante/Spanish ambulance

The Williams family had been holidaying in Alicante when their mother fell seriously ill

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James Saunders

By James Saunders

Published: 15/06/2024

- 18:15

The stricken mother-of-four's daughter Aimee said her mum 'has always put others before herself' as a crowd-funding campaign to help out with Spanish healthcare costs has smashed numerous fundraising goals

A British mother has been left in a critical condition in a Spanish hospital after a shock collapse on holiday left her needing brain surgery - and medical bills worth thousands of pounds.

Stephanie Williams, 42, from Bishopston in Swansea, had been mere hours away from her flight home to Wales when she became seriously ill, suffering a seizure in her hotel room.

But more than a week later, the mother-of-four is still in hospital - forcing her partner and quartet of kids to set up a crowd-funding campaign to help cover her costs.

Her daughter, Aimee, has described the situation as "unimaginable" - and detailed the shocking chain of events which befell the family just before the end of their trip to Alicante.

Alicante/Spanish ambulanceThe Williams family had been holidaying in Alicante when their mother fell seriously illGetty/Wikimedia Commons

Aimee said: "As we were preparing to leave to fly home, my mum become seriously unwell and had a seizure.

"Myself and my siblings witnessed this and me and my sister ran downstairs to the hotel reception to get help.

"Once the ambulance arrived, I stayed with my mum until we arrived at the private hospital.

"Before they would conduct any treatment I had to ring my auntie and uncle for help whilst in a great deal of distress myself.


Fundraiser cover image

The fundraising campaign has so far raised north of £20,000


"They had to transfer £3,000 before placing my mum into intensive care... My Dats caught the next available flight at 6am and once he arrived at the hospital he was informed that there could be further costs.

"We were able to sort her insurance during this time and she was transferred to a public hospital.

"After many tests, it was discovered that she had a ruptured aneurysm and needed urgent brain surgery.

"She had her surgery on Monday, June 10 - and although the operation went well, she is still in a very critical condition in intensive care."

Aimee said her "selfless" mother was being supported in Alicante by a number of their family members - and had set up the fundraising campaign, which has so far raised north of £20,000, to "relieve the financial pressures of my family so that a family member can stay with my mum".

Williams had worked as a nurse, a midwife and a bereavement midwife - with her daughter adding that she "has always put others before herself" - but Aimee said she was self-employed, so had no income while stuck in Spanish intensive care.

The 42-year-old's family members expressed their disbelief at the public's "generosity and support" through their donations, which have smashed their fundraiser's target of £15,000.

The target has since been raised further "to try and remove some of the financial pressure", but Aimee has said any leftovers will be donated to an aneurysm charity once her mother is "home and better".

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