The UK cities where property value could soar next year - is your area on the list?

The UK cities where property value could soar next year - is your area on the list?

House prices have continued to change

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 28/12/2023

- 15:13

Updated: 28/12/2023

- 17:43

The UK areas where houses could become more valuable have been shared

The property market has had a tough few years and experts have shared their predictions on what is to come.

They suggested the best places to buy based on where demand is likely to grow.

Experts at leading property investment company Joseph Mews offered their predictions.

This looked at the areas where the rental growth prediction is the highest.


Leicester property could give the biggest return


Leicester took the number one spot where homeowners could make the most by renting out their property.

The experts predicted rent prices could rise by a staggering 45 per cent in the next three to four years.

They said it could be an "emerging" city with lots of career opportunities.

"Leicester represents one of the more established ‘emerging’ cities on this list, underpinned by one of the strongest economies in the country driven by an incredible manufacturing sector," experts explained.

"This East Midlands city is home to some large-scale UK employers including Walkers, Dunelm and Next, making it a hotspot for career opportunities."

Regions where value may rise the most (rent growth predictions 2023-27)

Leicester - 45 per cent

Nottingham - 35.41 per cent

Manchester - 21.6 per cent

Birmingham - 19.3 per cent

Leeds - 15.9 per cent

Glasgow - 15.3 per cent

Liverpool - 15.9 per cent

Newcastle - 12.38 per cent

Derby - 12 per cent

Sheffield - 11.5 per cent

Houses for sale

Experts shared their property predictions


Nottingham was not far behind with a rental growth prediction of 35.41 per cent.

This is based on "tremendous growth" over the last five years.

The expert's figures are predictions only and many factors could affect the property market.

This comes as experts shared the 11 regions in the UK where homes could become more valuable in 2024.

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