Best month to list your home in 2024 named and Britons should prepare now

Best month to list your home in 2024 named and Britons should prepare now

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 25/01/2024

- 07:00

Updated: 25/01/2024

- 12:15

A property expert shared when Britons should list their homes in 2024

Britons looking to sell a property may want to list it soon, as it has been revealed that February is the best month of the year to list a home.

On average, February is the best month to list a home. Properties listed during the month typically find a buyer the fastest, according to research by Rightmove.

Homes put on the market in February have taken an average of 51 days to find a buyer.

But those who don't get around to listing their house in February should not worry too much, as March is close behind for securing a buyer.

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For sale signs

Those looking to put their property on the market should act fast


According to the real estate website, it takes an average of 52 days for homes listed in March to find a buyer, according to Rightmove.

Around 66.4 percent of homes listed in February have gone on to find a buyer, with March at 66.3 per cent.

While February and March are great times of the year for Britons to list their properties, the same cannot be said for October.

October was found to be the least advantageous time of year to list a home, taking around 63 days to find a buyer. During that month, 63.6 per cent of homes listed during that month have gone on to find a buyer.

Rightmove’s property expert Tim Bannister said: "The best time to get moving is the time that’s right for you - we can’t always plan or predict when a life move is needed.

"However, for those who are able to be a bit more flexible about when they decide to sell, the data shows typically the start of the year has been particularly strong.

“It’s also when we’ve historically seen the most buyers sending inquiries to agents, so it’s a great time for those looking to sell to make sure they are listed, their marketing is strong and they’re pricing attractively enough against other sellers.”

The analysis looked at millions of properties listed for sale since 2012 and the trends linked to the month of listing, excluding 2020 due to the distorting impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

UK housing

February and March are the best months to list your home, while October is the worst


For those looking to buy, the cheapest UK region has been named where the average house price is less than £179,000.

The average price of property in the UK has risen by 1.3 per cent (+ £4,571) this month to £359,748.

In Scotland, the average house price is £178,595, which is around £181,153 than the average.

A London home, however, will set buyers back around £664,550 typically.

A house in Scotland takes roughly 42 days to sell, while a house in London takes roughly 78 days.

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