Product warning: Poundland recalls children's items with serious 'risk of injuries or cuts'

Product warning: Poundland recalls children's items with serious 'risk of injuries or cuts'

Food hygiene issues can lead to food or product recalls

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 23/02/2024

- 10:09

Updated: 23/02/2024

- 16:05

Poundland has recalled baby clothing that poses the risk of injuries

Shoppers in Poundland have been warned over baby socks and tights that could cause cuts.

Anyone who has bought the clothing items since September 2023 have been urged to check for the affected batch numbers.

"The products pose a risk of injuries or cuts as the material inside of the socks may cause a tourniquet around a child’s toe," the Office for Product Safety and Standards said in a statement shared this week.

"The products do not meet the requirements of The General Product Safety Regulations 2005."

Socks being recalled

Poundland has recalled a range of children's socks


Affected items

Bu Terry Minnie Mouse Socks: 830796

Various Baby Boy Socks and Tights: 831099, 830982, 831903, 818510, 818568, 830983, 830984, 830988, 831902, 828530, 822088. All colours and all sizes.

Various Baby Girl Socks and Tights: 818509, 829735, 831121, 829736, 830901, 830980, 830981, 831037, 818317. All colours and all sizes.

Various Licensed Baby Socks - Tom & Jerry, Bambi, Toy Story and Chip and Dale Tights: 831123, 833029, 830792, 831901, 803047. All colours and sizes.

Various Mickey and Minnie Mouse Baby Socks & Tights: 827493, 830798, 830799, 830795, 830797, 830793. All colours and sizes.

Various Winter Baby Socks: 831038, 831039, 831041, 831042, 831043, 831044, 831040. All colours and sizes.

Various Xmas Baby Socks: 829737, 831120, 826755, 826756, 831122. All colours and sizes.

A Poundland statement said: "Poundland is enacting a voluntary recall of various baby boy socks and tights due to a serious safety risk of injuries to children.

"If you have bought the above product, do not use it. Instead return it to a Poundland store for a full refund (no proof of purchase required).

"We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. However, the safety and confidence of our consumers and the quality of our products are at the heart of everything we do."

Anyone with the affected products can return them to stores or contact Poundland customer care for more information.

Children's socks being recalled

The products could cause a risk of injury


Product or food recalls are not often issued but should be taken seriously as they can cause a potential risk to customers.

Lidl has pulled cookies from shelves over concerns they contain metal, with the supermarket warning they are "not safe to eat".

The Food Standards Agency said: “Lidl is extending their recall of various cookies because they may contain pieces of metal.

“The possible presence of metal makes these products unsafe to eat. The product recall has been updated to include additional products.”

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