National Lottery winners admit losing friends after scooping £1million scratchcard win

Jospeh and Debbie Goolding

A couple who won the £1million on a National Lottery scratchcard admit they have lost friends over it

Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 29/06/2023

- 12:20

Updated: 29/06/2023

- 13:03

The couple bought the £5 ticket in 2020

A couple who bagged the £1million jackpot on a National Lottery scratchcard say they don't care about losing friends.

Debbie Goolding and husband Joseph were named winners in 2020 after they bought a £5 ticket.

After winning the huge sum, Joseph said losing some mates, just showed who their "real friends" were to begin with.

"We've had a few people get funny about it but my family don't care," he said.

Debbie Goolding

Debbie said the fortune 'just makes clear who your real friends are'


"We may have lost a couple of friends over it but it just showed they weren't real friends to begin with.

"All my mates who I went to school with don't treat me any differently, they don't expect me to buy them an extra beer or anything.

"I'm still going to work and earning money because I need the money and they are the same. I wouldn't expect them to buy me anything."

Debbie added: "The fortune just makes clear who your real friends are. It can be insulting if you just say we're going to pay for you the whole time. It's a fine line between being flash and being friendly."

Since winning the £1million prize, the pair from Aldershot, Hampshire have purchased an investment property, a diamond ring, iPads for their children and a Harley Davidson motorbike.

The couple have continued to work despite winning the money and say they are still committed bargain hunters.

Earlier this week, they joined other Lottery winners to build a herb garden and gym for retired pets at the Cinnamon Trust in Devon.

Talking about the moment they found out they had won, Debbie said: "He was watching Independence Day, it was just at that moment when the alien comes out the spaceship and Will Smith punches it.

The couple both continue to work and say they are still committed bargain hunters


"I came and sat on the end of the sofa and scratched the card and said 'I think we've won some money' then he jumped up.

"We went into the kitchen to ring the number and he was just losing his head, he tried to pour a drink but couldn't remember where the glasses were kept.

"The next day I rang them again because I didn't believe it was real."

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