Crucial gardening job to complete this weekend for a bountiful Spring display - 'Now is the perfect time'

Flowers in garden

Flowering season will start within weeks

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 01/03/2024

- 15:16

Experts have named a urgent gardening job to add to your to-do list

With spring around the corner, flowering plants will soon unfurl and put on large displays of colour.

Pruning and trimming are two of many tasks gardeners need to complete ahead of the growing season.

Other crucial jobs like weeding are essential for giving your favourite plants the best chances of success.

“Now is the perfect time to tackle those pesky weeds that have made an appearance over the cold months,” explained Expert Nick Ee, from BLACK+DECKER.

Woman gardening

March is a good time to prepare your flowers for growth


The expert added: “Not only do weeds make the garden look unsightly but they also steal precious nutrients from the soil and smother the surrounding flowers, so it is important to get rid of them quickly and safely.”

Weeds don’t just present competition to other plants. They can compete for other vital resources like moisture, and harbour disease.

When these disease hosts aren’t dealt with rapidly, they spread their pathogens to surrounding foliage, wreaking havoc on the environment.

Ee added: “With the arrival of warmer weather, you’ll start to notice weeds popping up around the beautiful flowers you spent so long nurturing last year.

“You should start to pull up weeds not as one of the first gardening jobs of the year, trying to avoid disturbing flowers by gently prising them out by hand making sure you’ve got all the roots, using a small hand trowel.

“This is also a good way to remove lawn weeds without using harsh weed killer that could also kill the grass.”

Getting your lawn in shape won’t only help eliminate pesky weeds, but it will also keep soil in pace.

Overflowing grass can attract all sorts of unwanted visitors like rats and mice, or leave lawns looking patchy.


​Practices like weeding ensure flowers get the nutrients they need 


“I would recommend cutting your grass at least once a fortnight as regular mowing helps to eliminate weeds and encourages a denser ground,” explained Ee.

“If you are looking to encourage wildlife, keep a section of the grass unkept, the longer grass will provide food and shelter for some animals.

“Always remember to hold the trimmer at a 90-degree angle when edging so the string spins top to bottom.”

Clearing away debris like grass clippings and stray leaves will also boost the protection of your favourite plants.

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