How to protect your home as flood warnings continue across the UK - 7 things to do now

Couple in flooded house

Flood warnings are in place across the UK

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 02/11/2023

- 15:54

Flood alerts are currently in place in more than 80 parts of the UK

Storm Ciaran has created chaos across the UK and more bad weather is expected in the coming days.

This includes potential flood warnings as rain continues to pour.

Experts have shared some measures homeowners should look into when it is safe to do so.

Making various checks can help to protect the property if weather remains bad.

Storm clouds houses

Poor weather has hit the UK


Home expert Mike Storey of UK Flat Roofing & Insulation Specialists shared seven important tips, including why you should clear gutters and check for leaks.

He said: "Clear gutters and downspouts. Clearing the material from your gutters and downspouts allows rainfall to flow freely.

"This lowers the possibility of overflow and water seeping into your house during the impending storm.

"Clear storm drains. Remove any debris from the surrounding storm drains to enable them to operate correctly and stop localised floods in your neighbourhood.

"Also check for leaks and seal gaps.

"Examine your doors, windows, and roof for any holes or leaks, then seal them with weather-stripping or caulk to keep rain from getting inside your house."

Homeowners should stay informed with the latest updates in their area and consider preparing an emergency kit and backup power source, the expert added.

He said it could be time to protect home entrances and move electronic and valuable items.

Car flood

Flooding has been seen on roads today


Mike continued: "Install sandbags or flood barriers. To reduce the chance of flood damage, place flood barriers or sandbags strategically to divert water away from your house.

"Elevate your electrical panel, wiring, and outlets to protect them from flooding-related water damage and lower the possibility of electrical risks.

"Also, place expensive things on higher surfaces in your storage facilities or basement to protect them from potential water damage."

This comes as homeowners were encouraged to batten down trampolines to stop them from causing disruptions in the storm.

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