Drivers could get 10,000 free electric car charging miles with Tesla also slashing prices

Electric car charging

There are almost 50,000 public EV chargers around the UK

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 17/10/2023

- 11:41

Updated: 05/03/2024

- 16:55

Car brands are introducing more offers to get people to switch to electric vehicles

Drivers who switch to an electric car may be able to claim 10,000 miles of free charging, which would last the average motorist for more than a year.

Nissan has launched a new deal to help drivers turn their backs on petrol and diesel cars and buy a new electric vehicle.

The Japanese carmaker has partnered with Pod Point and EDF to give customers the equivalent of 10,000 free miles of range when they buy a new EV.

Nissan has just three electric vehicles on the market, namely the Ariya, the Townstar compact van and most notably, the Leaf.

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The Leaf, which was the first mass-market electric vehicle has a range of 168 miles, while the Ariya can travel up to 329 miles on a single charge.

If a driver goes ahead with the deal, they can order a Pod Point 7kW Solo 3 home charger from a Nissan dealership.

A Nissan spokesperson said: ‘‘We are delighted to have teamed up with Pod Point and EDF to introduce this great new offer.

“It couldn’t be easier for customers buying a new Nissan EV to claim their free 10,000 miles, which might well be enough to keep them on the road for a whole year.

‘‘Nissan has been in the vanguard of electric motoring for well over a decade now and the three EVs we have in our range are all award-winners and make excellent choices for families and businesses.’’

There are estimated to be around 680,000 chargers installed at homes or workplaces around the UK, with the network constantly growing.

The latest data from Zapmap shows there were 49,882 public electric vehicle charging points across the UK as of September 2023.

This represents a 43 per cent increase in the total number of charging devices since this time last year.

Other electric car manufacturers are also making changes to ensure motorists can access EVs for lower prices.

Tesla has dropped the price of its wildly popular Model 3 by £3,000, with the cheapest version setting drivers back £39,990, with the Long Range version costing £10,000 more.

According to, this now makes the updated Model 3 cheaper than entry-level versions of the Peugeot e308 and some Corsa Electric models.

The Performance Model 3 is no longer available to purchase in the UK, with some predicting that the vehicle will be on sale soon, with deliveries of the Model 3 and Long Range starting in January.

Tesla has quietly been slashing the prices of its cars in recent months, with a huge £8,000 price drop being seen earlier this year.

The Elon Musk-led brand has been forced to recall almost 55,000 Model X vehicles manufactured between 2021 and 2023 in the United States, according to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration.


Tesla Model 3

The updated Tesla Model 3


It is believed the vehicle controller is likely to fail to detect low brake fluid and not display a warning light.

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