Drivers warned of MOT test booking chaos with 'peak set to hit throughout November'

MOT test

Experts are urging motorists to book their MOT test as soon as possible

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 17/10/2023

- 09:05

A quarter of drivers do not carry out any checks on their vehicle at all prior to the MOT

The AA is warning motorists of “Nutty November” which will potentially see millions of drivers scrambling for free MOT slots.

Next month will be the busiest month for new MOT tests as a result of new vehicle registrations and legacy MOT deferrals during the pandemic.

A warning has been issued for motorists who are scrambling for tests at the end of this month and throughout November.

The AA is urging motorists to book an MOT test when they can to ensure they keep their cars on the road over the autumn and winter months.

An MOT test

MOT tests were deferred during the coronavirus pandemic


Data has shown that a quarter of drivers (24 per cent) do not carry out any checks on their vehicle at all prior to the MOT.

On the other hand, over a third of motorists (36 per cent) admitted that they check the basics like tyres and lights.

More than one in 10 drivers say they will give their vehicle a thorough investigation before visiting the garage for an MOT test.

James Hosking, managing director at AA Smart Care, said: “The number of MOTs due this November is going to be incredibly high, so drivers should book early to avoid disappointment.

“With MOT centres already starting to fill their diaries for the coming weeks, the peak is set to hit throughout November as drivers were able to defer their MOT by six months during the pandemic.

“Cars on the roads are getting older, so it’s more important than ever to regularly check your vehicle throughout the year, and not just before its MOT.”

He also urged drivers to keep an eye on tyres and bulbs, adding that they take just five minutes to check and potentially repair.

It can also save drivers from a costly repair bill and instead spread the cost of vehicle maintenance across the year.

Recent Government data found that 28 per cent of all cars and vans fail their MOT, with thousands of vehicles even being refused from entering a garage.

He also highlighted how AA Smart Care allows bookings up to a month in advance to ease the concerns and anxiety of drivers.

This comes just months after the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) unveiled new changes to MOT certificates.

Motorists are now able to see whether their vehicle has been included in a car recall when they go for their annual MOT test.

If there is a recall on their certificate, the vehicle manufacturer should tell the driver and advise them if they need to take any action.

The MOT certificate will now state whether the vehicle has an outstanding recall, as well as the average mileage, the date of the test and the registration number.


A man checking his engine

Many drivers fail to check their car before taking it for an MOT test


The most recent major recall for the UK was the Nissan Micra, with more than 41,000 vehicles affected. In the United States, almost 3.4 million Hyundai and Kia vehicles were recalled due to a fire risk.

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