Eating more often could help you lose weight - here are the ideal snacks for a healthy lifestyle

Eating more often could help you lose weight - here are the ideal snacks for a healthy lifestyle

A slimmer discussed their weight loss

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 17/04/2024

- 12:30

Many people will stop themselves from eating between meals when they are dieting, but eating more often could promote weight loss

Dieting often comes with connotations of restriction but finding a more satisfying way to eat can actually lead to longer-lasting results.

Snacking between meals can be an important part of successfully maintaining a healthy weight, according to an expert.

Warrior's leading nutritionist Jess Hillard said picking healthy snacks can help with weight loss efforts.

She said: "Snacking often is shown in a bad light but it can actually be a fundamental part of our lifestyle with significant importance for both body and brain function.

Woman eating fruit / woman measuring waist

Snacking can be a good way to maintain a healthy weight


"While thinking of the term 'snack', one usually thinks of unhealthy options. However, snacking provides the body with essential nutrients and energy throughout the day, supporting overall health and cognitive function."

The expert suggested healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts can improve health, help with weight management and stop slimmers from overeating.

Jess continued: "Snacking helps to maintain blood sugar levels, preventing energy crashes through the day and supporting optimal brain function.

"When we go long periods without eating, blood sugar levels drop which leads us to feel tired and we find it hard to concentrate.

"By incorporating healthy snacks into our day, such as fruits, nuts, yoghurt and veg, it allows for a level blood sugar state throughout the day, increasing mental alertness and focus.

"Snacking can also aid in weight management and portion control. Overeating is a common occurrence and often people overlook this when wanting to lose weight. Having a snack between meals can help with overeating at mealtimes."

Restricting your food intake during the day can lead to overeating at mealtimes. This can be stopped by snacking regularly, the expert suggested.

Jess continued: "By consuming small, nutrient-dense snacks between meals, we are less likely to experience extreme hunger, which often leads to overindulgence in calorie-dense foods."


Fruit and oats

Fruit, nuts and yoghurt are some of the best foods to snack on


An active lifestyle should be paired with a healthy diet to achieve the best weight loss results.

Experts shared the ideal distance to walk every day to achieve "effective" weight loss. They added walking often can help slimmers burn belly fat.

The experts stated: "For effective weight loss through walking, a daily target of around 10,000 steps, which is about four to five miles, can be helpful.

"When combined with a healthy diet, this activity level can greatly help with weight control. Yet, individual fitness levels and health goals vary, so adjusting step count and intensity is important for personalized results."

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