Lose weight and burn fat by eating more of a food group that 'satiates you for a long time'

Lose weight and burn fat by eating more of a food group that 'satiates you for a long time'
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Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 01/03/2024

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The foods you choose to eat can be just as important as tracking calories

Reducing your calorie intake is a great way to lose weight but slimmers should still be mindful of the foods they choose to eat.

Tucking into meals high in protein can be great for weight loss, an expert exclusively told GB News.

Registered dietitian at Dietitian Fit Reema Pillai shared some of the best high-protein foods for weight loss results.

This includes whole foods and natural options that will keep dieters full for a long time.

Woman eating protein bar while running

Eating foods high in protein will help slimmers to feel fuller for longer


Reema said: "Focus on having a lean high-quality protein at each meal, such as chicken breast, tuna, Greek yoghurt or tofu.

"Again, these foods are not naturally high in overall calories, but the high protein content will help satiate you for a long time, as the protein takes a long time to digest."

Studies have shown protein can help slimmers feel full for a long time, which means they are less likely to overeat or snack excessively between meals.

It is also important for dieters to recognise when they are full and stop eating, even if it means not finishing their plate.

Reema added: "Another tip is being able to recognise when you are no longer hungry, and being able to stop eating, even if that means leaving food behind on the plate.

"This is being mindful of hunger levels and eating to what your body needs at the moment, rather than eating out of routine or habit."

A study published in the National Library of Medicine suggested eating protein can also help boost the metabolism.

The metabolism determines how quickly people burn calories so the faster this is, the easier it is for slimmers to be in a calorie deficit.

High protein salad in a bowl

Meat, fish and dairy are all natural sources of protein


The study, published in 2021, suggested a high-protein diet could increase the metabolism to burn around 80 to 100 calories per day.

This comes as an expert suggested one diet plan can "train the body to burn fat".

They said an intermittent fasting diet plan could help speed up fat-burning in the body.

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