Lose weight with a diet plan that 'trains your body to burn fat'

Lose weight with a diet plan that 'trains your body to burn fat'

Exercise can help with weight loss

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 19/02/2024

- 05:00

Diet and exercise are both important for weight loss and an expert discussed some of the best ways to hit your goals

Intermittent fasting is a diet plan that considers when you eat as well as how much you eat.

Speaking exclusively to GB News, a health expert explained how this could help speed up fat-burning.

Health advisor at MyBMI Ian Budd discussed the benefits of intermittent fasting.

He said: "A tip you may want to try is intermittent fasting, where you narrow down your daily eating window so you only eat during an eight hour period each day.

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Intermittent fasting can help with weight loss


"The rest of the time you shouldn't eat anything, including meals and snacks.

"You can, however, drink water. There are a few ways to do this, but most people choose to eat from noon to 8pm or from 8am to 4pm, depending on what suits their lifestyle.

"This is to give your metabolism a rest and train your body to use fat as an energy source."

Giving the body rest between meal times can encourage it to burn excess fat as a source of energy.

No matter what diet plan you follow, the expert stressed the importance of calorie counting.

Eating fewer calories than is needed to maintain will promote weight loss results.

Pairing a diet with regular exercise will speed up weight loss results and no workout is off limits.

Ian suggested picking one you enjoy so you are more likely to stick to the plan and see results.

He added: "When it comes to exercise, we typically say that the best exercise you can do is one that you will want to keep doing.

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Tracking calories can also help with weight loss


"While getting your cardio in is important, forcing yourself to go for a run every day isn’t going to help if you hate running, as you’re going to want to skip your run at the first opportunity.

"Anything that gets you up and moving is fine, and if you’re enjoying yourself it will be easier to create a habit of exercising more often.

"Getting up and dancing for 30 minutes can burn around 112 calories, going for a 30-minute walk can burn around 100, and going swimming for an hour can burn around 360 calories.

"If you enjoy the social aspect of exercising, going to the gym with a friend or finding a local sports team you can join are also great ways to help you burn calories while keeping a consistent exercise habit."

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