Chinese electric car maker to make huge change to UK models after brutal feedback

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The EV giant will be removing its own slogan from European models

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 31/08/2023

- 14:00

Updated: 31/08/2023

- 17:05

The slogan has caused some drivers to avoid buying a BYD vehicle

Chinese car manufacturing giant BYD will remove a controversial slogan from the majority of its cars in Europe, it has been announced.

BYD is one of the world’s largest producers of electric vehicles, having surpassed Tesla for the EV delivery crown in the first quarter of 2023.

While the brand has only recently launched in the UK, it is a stalwart in China and across Europe, with BYD hoping to exceed 250,000 global sales per month in the near future.

Despite the grand roll-out, the Shenzhen-based automaker has decided to omit a key slogan from many of its European vehicles.

A BYD dealership

BYD launched in the UK this year


The vehicles are often found with lettering on the rear saying “Build Your Dreams”, the meaning of BYD.

However, the phrase has proved to be controversial, with some executives fearing that it is putting drivers and dealerships off from buying and selling the vehicles.

Tim Bryant, European customer and experience manager at BYD, commented on the name change, adding that the decision was taken after feedback from drivers.

He continued, saying: “European Seals will not feature ‘Build Your Dreams’ lettering at the rear.

“BYD has listened carefully to dealer, journalist and dealer partner feedback during this past year, some in favour of the lettering and others less so.

“We’ve taken the majority viewpoint and utilised the speed and agility of our vertically-integrated supply chain to ensure that all Seals built for Europe will feature a cleaner rear tailgate design featuring discreet BYD lettering.”

According to PA, China strongly supports the “Build Your Dreams” tagline as part of its culture.

However, it is believed that the message has not been well-received in Europe, with some drivers even rejecting a chance to buy the car because of it.

Nevertheless, BYD is pushing ahead with its rollout following the release of the Atto 3 crossover earlier this year.

The slick electric car starts from £36,490, has an impressive 260-mile range and can charge from 10 to 80 per cent in just 44 minutes.

This is set to be followed by BYD’s Dolphin hatchback, which is expected to instantly become one of the UK’s cheapest electric cars with a starting price of £25,500.

The Dolphin comes with a range of 265 miles and is described as a “sophisticated” hatchback with a “confident and elegant design”.



BYD will be releasing more vehicles on the UK market later this year


BYD’s next flagship car to launch in the UK will be the Seal saloon, which is believed to not include the “Build Your Dreams” slogan.

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