Sadiq Khan under attack as London Mayoral candidates blast Ulez, 20mph roads and the war on motorists

Susan Hall, a Ulez sign and Sadiq Khan

Susan Hall will be the main challenger for the Sadiq Khan in the Mayoral election

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 01/05/2024

- 07:00

Motorists in London could see a major shift in policy as candidates vow to scrap the controversial Ulez scheme

Drivers will soon be making their choice of who will lead London aas their Mayor for the next four years, with major decisions needing to be made, especially on the Ultra Low Emission Zone.

On May 2, millions will vote for their choice of who will be the next London Mayor, with all camapigns focusing on crime, policing and transport.

With many controversial schemes in place for motorists across the capital, it is expected to be one of the most hotly-contested elections in recent memory.

GB News has rounded up pledges from all London Mayoral candidates with their plans for Ulez, 20mph speed limits, LTNs and more.

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Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has continually backed the environmental benefits of the Ulez scheme


Sadiq Khan - Labour

The Labour candidate has been the biggest supporter of London's Ultra Low Emission Zone since its inception in 2019, having expanded the scheme to cover the whole capital in August last year.

As part of his commitment to the upcoming election, Khan has promised to continue his work to cut emissions across the city by making all buses zero emission by the end of the decade.

The incumbent Mayor has also vowed to work with automotive partners to get 40,000 electric vehicle charging points, with data from Zapmap showing that Greater London currently has 19,461 EV devices.

Susan Hall

Susan Hall will be representing the Conservatives tomorrow


​Susan Hall - Conservative

Following her first aim to make streets safer, Susan Hall will order Transport for London to cease enforcement of the Ulez expansion and cancel Sadiq Khan's pay-per-mile plans.

Hall, who was the leader of the Conservatives in the London Assembly until 2023, said she will stop the war on motorists, remove "unwanted LTNs" and get rid od 20mph zones where they find it to be appropriate.

Despite the vow to remove the Ulez expansion, the former leader of Harrow Borough Council has outlined plans to boost the number of electric vehicle charging points and support car clubs with more parking spaces.

Zoe Garbett (Green)

Zoe Garbett (Green) has backed a pay-per-mile scheme


Zoe Garbett - Green

The Green Party plans to radically alter current transport policies in London by introducing more car-free zones, converting 25 per cent of parking spots into parklets and protecting spaces for Blue Badge holders.

Garbett's manifesto states that. if elected, by the end of their first term in 2028, the Greens will have replaced the Ulez scheme with a "smarter, fairer road-pricing plan".

This will see cleaner vehicles on the road with drivers switching to EVs, protect drivers' data privacy and reduce distances travelled by motor vehicles.

Rob Blackie (Lib Dem) described the Ulez extension as being 'botched'


Rob Blackie - Liberal Democrats

If elected, the digital marketer will "make Ulez more fair" with the Lib Dem candidate taking aim at Sadiq Khan for his "botched expansion" of the emissions-based charging zone.
The Ulez scrappage scheme would also be on the receiving end of a makeover by allowing retrospective applications for funding and exploring options for providing finance to tradespeople who struggle to replace their vehicles.
The Lib Dems have pledged to make a green recovery by installing more EV charging points and work to make the new Silvertown motorway more sustainable.


Howard Cox

Howard Cox (Reform) has slammed Sadiq Khan for expanding the Ulez


Howard Cox - Reform UK

Cox, who has led the FairFuelUK campaign for the last decade, has made the lofty promise of scrapping the entire Ulez, not just the expansion like other candidates have vowed.

In a further dismantling of Khan's green legacy, the Reform candidate will refund all fees and fines from the Ulez since August 29, 2023, ban low traffic neighbourhoods, remove 20mph roads and create a road user tsar to "heal the current Mayor's deliberately created division in attitude between cyclists and drivers".

TfL data states that an average of 52,000 non-compliant cars were detected in outer London in September 2023, which could see total fees for the zone since that date reach around £156million.

Count Binface

Count Binface will be on the ballot tomorrow


Count Binface

Binface ranked in ninth place in the 2021 election, receiving 24,775 votes, enough for one per cent of the voting electorate.

The tongue-in-cheek political hopeful says all meetings will start 10 minutes late to account for delays from 20mph zones and provide free parking between Vine Street and the Strand for EVs except Teslas.

Aim 18 of the 24-point manifesto states that all Londoners who cannot afford a Ulez-compliant vehicle will get a new electric car, paid for by a windfall tax on oil companies.

Femy Amin (Animal Welfare Party)

Femy Amin (Animal Welfare Party) will be taking part in her first mayoral election


Femy Amin - Animal Welfare Party

Amin has campaigned on a platform of fighting for a liveable planet, having previously contested the 2019 General Electon for Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner, as well as the 2021 London Assembly Election.

The official AWP manifesto states that it will recognise the benefits of the introduction of the Ulez while accepting that it has negatively affected many groups, with aims to explore how fairness could be introduced.

The candidate has called for Hammersmith Bridge to be reopened without private motor vehicle traffic and said she would "rethink" the Silvertown Tunnel so it serves the public and active travellers.

\u200bNatalie Campbell (Independent)

Natalie Campbell (Independent) has taken aim at 20mph zones


Natalie Campbell - Independent

The independent candidate said she will be taking a "zero B.S. approach to rebuilding London" with transparency front and centre of the campaign.

Campbell, who is also the Chancellor of Westminster University, wants to raise the speed limits on TfL roads from 20mph to 30mph.

Aside from road rules, Natalie Campbell has pledged to extend the Bakerloo line from Elephant and Castle to Lewisham and allow free bus travel to those under 22.

\u200bAmy Gallagher (Social Democratic Party)

Amy Gallagher (Social Democratic Party) will 'end the war on cars'


Amy Gallagher - Social Democratic Party

Motoring policies are at the heart of Gallagher's manifesto for the May 2 election, with the former NHS nurse promising to deliver an overhaul of transport.

She has promised to "end Ulez, LTNs, and the war on cars", although it is not clear whether this means scrapping the entire scheme or just the August extension to outer London.

Amy Gallagher is also working to stop all "woke" programmes on public transport, as well as ridding the Tube, trains and buses of anti-social behaviour.

\u200bTarun Ghulati (Independent)

Tarun Ghulati (Independent) has branded Ulez a 'disaster'


Tarun Ghulati - Independent

Ghulati is also running as an independent to succeed Sadiq Khan as London Mayor and has pledged to focus on getting the capital moving again.

Like others, he wants to "scrap the disaster policy called Ulez" and low traffic neighbourhoods where they are unwarranted.

The investment banker will target 20mph roads in a bid to cut traffic rates, with further plans to make the Congestion Charge free on weekends and holidays.

Andreas Michli (Independent)

Andreas Michli (Independent) said he wants crime rates to drop in the capital


Andreas Michli - Independent

The health and fitness entrepreneur was slapped with over £120,000 in fines during the pandemic for continuing to operate his gym business, prompting him to run for Mayor and challenge established leaders.

While much of his manifesto is aimed at tackling crime and boosting public health, Michli is pledging to abolish the Ulez scheme and Congestion Charge.

As part of this, all infrastructure used to deal with Ulez will be removed and auctioned off, with the money being reinvested into Transport for London.

\u200bBrian Rose (London Real Party)

Brian Rose (London Real Party) says he will scrap Ulez if elected


Brian Rose - London Real Party

Rose hosts the popular London Real podcast, where he has interviewed notable guests including Wim Hof and Anthony Scaramucci, and previously ran for Mayor in 2021.

Campaigning on a cryptocurrency-led agenda, the San Diego-born businessman is promising to remove the entire Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Money will instead go to "co-fund new infrastructural investments" in a bid to make London a crypto-first city.

Nick Scanlon (Britain First) \u200b

Nick Scanlon (Britain First) said he will scrap the Congestion Charge


Nick Scanlon - Britain First

Scanlon has vowed to cut spending in City Hall, and put an end to the war on motorists which is "costing hard-working Londoners a fortune".

This will involve abolishing the entire Ulez scheme and ending the Congestion Charge which has been in operation since 2003.

One of his supporters, David, said: "I have had enough of being charged for driving into my own city. Scrap the Ulez and C Charge!"

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