Petrol and diesel cars scrapped more frequently than electric vehicles as drivers make huge decision

Petrol and diesel cars scrapped more frequently than electric vehicles as drivers make huge decision

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Hemma Visavadia

By Hemma Visavadia

Published: 22/05/2024

- 16:05

Data finds electric cars to be more 'cost-effective' vehicles

Petrol and diesel vehicles are more at risk of being scrapped by car makers at an “accelerated” rate as they favour electric vehicles.

According to the latest data report, insurers and car makers are getting rid of more petrol and diesel cars.

For vehicles less than one-year-old, the data found that only 40 EVs out of 334,525 on the road were scrapped, compared with 701 ICE vehicles out of over two million.

However, for vehicles less than three years old, 782 EVs out of 912,341 were scrapped, compared with 10,300 petrol and diesel vehicles out of nearly six million.

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Diesel and petrol cars scrapped more frequently than electric ones


Jonathan Clay, identification director of cap hpi, said that it is essential that the industry has an accurate picture of emerging trends as the EV market continues to develop.

With repair costs for EVs running up to 29 per cent higher than ICE vehicles, he explained that it’s important to understand the impact on scrappage rates.

He detailed how the findings highlight that despite higher repair costs, EVs are “less likely” to be scrapped compared to their petrol and diesel counterparts.

This indicated their growing “durability and potential cost-effectiveness" over time, Clay added.

For vehicles aged five years and under, 1,433 EVs out of over one million were scrapped, compared with 33,700 petrol and diesel carsout of over 10 million.

Despite electric cars being the future of the car industry, not everyone is on board.

The Alliance of British Drivers said that the public should still have the choice between petrol, diesel and electric.

The plea follows reports which found that while battery electric vehicle registration volumes were at high levels, market share fell by one percentage point from the same month last year, down to 15.2 per cent.

Bob Bull, chairman of the ABD, warned that the public must not have their “right to choose” removed and public money must no longer be thrown at “subsidising new EV sales and usage.

The survey comes as reports of more electric cars being written off or scrapped by carmakers were unveiled.

Most recently, Tesla, one of the first electric car producers, revealed it has scrapped plans to create its long-awaited cheap model.

The U-turn by Tesla goes against the company’s original goal announced in 2006 to create a “low-cost family car”.


Filling up petrol

Carmakers will need to have at least 22 per cent of their fleet electric this year


In the UK, to meet its ambitious net zero targets, carmakers will need to have at least 22 per cent of all new cars be electric this year.

The targets look at pushing the UK to be 100 per cent reliant on zero emission cars by 2035.

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