Britons issued urgent travel warning by DVLA amid recent changes to driving permit rules

Britons issued urgent travel warning by DVLA amid recent changes to driving permit rules

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Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 22/05/2024

- 12:16

Updated: 22/05/2024

- 12:18

The new rules have been in place for almost two months

Drivers are being urged to check whether they need extra permissions to go abroad this year or they could land themselves in trouble.

New rules were launched in April to change who supplied international driving permits (IDPs) to people heading abroad, moving from Post Office branches to PayPoint.

From April 1, the Government clarified that IDPs would exclusively be available from PayPoint locations, rather than people needing to visit their local Post Office branch.

Posting on X, formerly known as Twitter, the DVLA called on drivers to make themselves aware of the law changes and what they need to do before travelling this summer.

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Cars driving towards the Eurotunnel between France and the UK

IDP changes were introduced at the start of April


It read: "If you’re planning to drive abroad, you might need an international driving permit (IDP).

"IDPs are now exclusively available from participating PayPoint stores across the UK."

The post also contained a link to the PayPoint website which contains extra information on the new agreement and what it means for drivers going abroad.

IDPs work hand-in-hand with British and Northern Irish licences in countries where photographic proof of ID is needed, but licences may not be enough.

However, PayPoint has warned that not all drivers will be able to get an IDP before they travel abroad and may need to prepare other documents to remedy any issues.

If someone holds a driving licence from the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, a foreign country or drive under a diplomatic licence, they are not eligible to apply for an IDP.

There are also three different types of IDPs that motorists need to look out for as different countries will require one of the three permits.

For example, when travelling to Australia, motorists will need a 1949 permit, a 1968 permit in Israel and a 1926 IDP if they are planning to drive on holiday in Mexico.

When going on holiday, drivers will not be required to have an IDP for many popular destinations, especially those in Europe.

Despite this, this will only apply to people who are going to be in the country for less than a certain period of time.

If someone is in Belgium for longer than six months and still has a paper driving licence, they may need a 1968 IDP to keep them on the road.

For any drivers who are unaware or have further questions, PayPoint and the Government urge people to check with the relevant embassy of where they are travelling to see what documents they are required to have.


International Driving PermitAn IDP is recommended for more than 100 countriesPA

Motorists are also being warned of issues they may see when travelling across the continent this year, with a number of high-profile sporting events taking place, potentially causing havoc to their plans.

The European Championships are taking place across Germany between June and July, while Paris, France will host the Summer Olympics from July to August.

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