King Charles drives a classic Aston Martin DB6 which 'runs on wine and cheese'

King Charles with his sustainable Aston Martin DB6

King Charles with his sustainable Aston Martin DB6

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 14/11/2023

- 09:06

Updated: 14/11/2023

- 09:09

The car was used at the wedding of Prince William and the Princess of Wales

Even though King Charles celebrates his 75th birthday today, he can still be found behind the wheel of his beloved Aston Martin DB6, which he received for another milestone birthday.

King Charles was gifted a classic blue 1969 Aston Martin DB6 for his 21st birthday by his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth.

The vehicle has one major difference, however, given that it runs on a sustainable mix of wine and cheese.

King Charles, who is well known for his environmental credentials, is often seen in the driving seat of the DB6, as well as loaning it to other members of the Royal Family.

The Aston Martin DB6

The Aston Martin DB6 runs on 'surplus English wine and whey'


In a 2021 interview, the King explained how he had tried to make any Royal residences as sustainable as possible, highlighting the use of biomass boiler systems and solar panels on Clarence House.

When asked whether he was “a bit of a [Jeremy] Clarkson” or a petrolhead, the King replied, saying: “That was before we knew what the problems were.

“My old Aston Martin, which I’ve had for 51 years, runs on, can you believe this; it runs on surplus English white wine and whey from the cheese processes. I did that quite a long time ago,” he told the BBC.

Green Fuels, a Gloucestershire-based company, reached out to the King, telling him that there was an opportunity for him to transform his classic Aston Martin.

It said it would be able to supply waste-derived bioethanol produced from wine and cheese.

Although it may seem that this would be easy to refuel, the wine is not suitable for human consumption and whey is a by-product of cheese manufacturing.

Prince William and Princess Kate driving the Aston Martin DB6

The DB6 was used at the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate


The company was awarded a Royal Warrant of Appointment to the Prince of Wales, now King Charles, 10 years ago.

When refuelling the vehicle, the King would need to use E85, which contains around 15 per cent of unleaded fuel, which can make the car more powerful.

The conversion was carried out by Aston Martin specialist RS Williams, with testing done by the company showing the car “produces slightly more power” on bioethanol.

RS Williams has also been responsible for the upkeep of the classic Aston Martin, including on the day of Prince William and Princess Kate’s wedding.

Prince William drove the DB6 from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House in April 2011, with the company describing the drive as “b****y nervewrcking”.

After the event, Richard Stewart Williams said: “And we later found out he’d had the handbrake on. Oh well…”

According to Top Gear, King Charles had “enlisted the service” of Formula One legend Graham Hill to make the most of his stunning Aston Martin.

King Charles can regularly be seen driving the vehicle to events, in addition to trying other zero emission vehicles, including electric vehicles.


The King and Queen driving the DB6 at the opening of the Commonwealth Games

The King and Queen driving the DB6 at the opening of the Commonwealth Games


The 75-year-old took delivery of the Royal Family’s first fully battery electric vehicle in 2018 with a slick British-built Jaguar I-Pace.

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