Drivers warned of the job titles with the highest car insurance prices averaging £1,500


Some drivers could be paying more than £1,500 for their insurance

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 19/11/2023

- 08:00

Electric vehicle owners are expected to have higher insurance costs

New research has found how much people will pay based solely on their jobs, with insurers looking to protect themselves from paying out expensive claims.

Car insurance has been rapidly rising over the last few years as drivers face enormous annual costs, with some people being quoted as much as £8,000.

Tradespeople will be in for a bitter shock this year with data suggesting that their insurance costs are set to surge from £474.14 to £744.02.

This colossal surge of 57 per cent will see petrol and diesel traders, many of whom drive thousands of miles a year, potentially struggle with their costs.

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With the price of fuel constantly fluctuating, the increased cost of car insurance could mean thousands of vital tradespeople around the UK face being forced off roads.

Following closely are mechanics, who could see a 61 per cent rise in their insurance premiums next year, hitting an average of £728.26 compared to just £453 in the previous year.

Graphic designers will be hit with the biggest car insurance increase of the year, with a 66 per cent jump sending their average premiums to £711.

On the other hand, human resources (HR) managers will have the lowest costs, despite a 22 per cent rise, paying just under £530.

A spokesperson for Vanarama said: “Stepping back and examining the anticipated insurance premium increases on an individual job basis reveals that, on the whole, the United Kingdom will experience a substantial 42 per cent spike in insurance costs in 2024 compared to the previous year.

“When we shift our attention to the sector level, prices exhibit a slightly smaller but still significant increase of 41 per cent from the preceding year.

“The average cost of UK car insurance in 2024 is now £613.91 per year – an 81 per cent increase on 2020's figure, £339.16.”

Electric vehicle drivers are also being hit by higher prices, with chefs paying £1,565.83 for insurance, a higher price than any other occupation.

This is a staggering increase of 138 per cent or £908, which many may struggle to afford.

With the existing pressures of the cost of living crisis, many drivers may opt to pay monthly rather than lose a large lump sum.

However, if they choose to do this, drivers will need to pay additional interest, further hammering their finances.

Social workers will also be asked to pay more than £1,500 to cover their car, seeing an increase of £850 compared to last year.

According to the data, 96 different occupations will be required to pay more than £1,000 for their electric vehicle cover.

Only software engineers, estimators, police officers and secretaries will pay less, with secretaries seeing the lowest cost at £954.


Van driving

Van drivers, like mechanics and tradespeople, could face the most expensive costs


Most expensive petrol and diesel car insurance costs by job

1. Trader - £744

2. Mechanic - £728

3. Graphic designer - £711

4. Web designer - £697

5. Web developer - £697

6. Programmer - £697

7. Developer - £697

8. Designer - £672

9. Journalist - £662

10. Driver - £662

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