Drivers warned of 'contaminated fuel' as cars break down after filling up with 'dodgy petrol'

Drivers warned of 'contaminated fuel' as cars break down after filling up with 'dodgy petrol'

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Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 24/05/2024

- 15:33

Some people claimed their cars had to be in the garage over the weekend

An investigation has been launched after several drivers may have fallen victim to "contaminated fuel" when visiting a popular filling station.

A number of drivers took to social media to vent their frustration after they suffered issues with their vehicles after visiting a petrol station in Northampton.

There were fears that some drivers filled up with petrol that could have been contaminated with diesel.

One concerned driver posted on Facebook earlier this week to say that drivers should avoid filling their vehicles at the petrol station.

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The Esso petrol station

Esso confirmed that an investigation was ongoing


They said: "Heads up Tesco garage on Wellingborough Road contaminated unleaded fuel. My daughter's car been in [the] garage since Saturday after filling up on Friday.

"This is [100 per cent] correct. Just been down [the] garage, all unleaded pumps blocked off.

"Been given a number to call Esso customer care. My daughter has rung the garage where her car is and they have had another car in with the same problem."

Other motorists on social media made the same plea to other drivers, advising them to fill up elsewhere to avoid having issues with their vehicles.

One Facebook user said: "My daughter filled up with unleaded and her car wouldn’t start. AA came out and said it was dodgy petrol.

"She had to have the tank emptied and cleaned for £250. She went to the Tesco petrol station and they said the wrong petrol had been put in the tanks and gave her information for customer service and took her details."

Another claimed: "I put my fuel in on Friday 17th and it started playing up right away.

"It’s been in the garage since Saturday. Told the garage the situation today and they tested the fuel and it was indeed diesel."

A spokesperson for Esso confirmed that an investigation had been launched into the incident, the Northampton Chronicle and Echo reported.

They added: "At Esso, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our fuel and take incidents of suspected fuel quality issues very seriously.

"We are currently investigating concerns reported at Abington Express service station and the impact that may have had on customers.

"Sales from the potentially affected pumps have been halted. Customers who may have been affected should contact Esso Customer Care on 0207 136 1798."


Petrol pump

Drivers were advised to contact customer care if they had an issue


GB News has contacted Esso for a further comment on the situation.

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