Taylor Swift sparks Grammys fury over 'disrespectful' Celine Dion 'snub' as she makes history with awards win

Taylor Swift sparks Grammys fury over 'disrespectful' Celine Dion 'snub' as she makes history with awards win

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 05/02/2024

- 08:34

The Shake It Off hitmaker set a new record on Sunday night

Taylor Swift has come under fire for her reaction to fellow singer Celine Dion after she was presented with the gong for best album at the Grammys on Sunday night.

Dion, who made a surprise appearance amid her battle with Stiff-Person Syndrome, took to the stage in LA to hand the history-making trophy to Swift.

Swift became the first artist to bag the best album four times, usurping the record she was tied on with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder.

But before she was given the gong, it was Dion who received a raucous reception from the audience.

The My Heart Will Go On singer told the Grammys crowd: "When I say that I'm happy to be here, I really mean it from my heart."

Soon after, Dion revealed it was Swift who'd won best album, and while she too had the crowd on their feet, those watching at home weren't impressed with Swift's conduct when she got on stage.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Grammys: The singer made history on Sunday night


An excitable Swift was accompanied by Lana Del Ray and producer Jack Antonoff as the trio made their way to accept the award.

But before descending into her acceptance speech, fans were fuming that Swift appeared not to acknowledge Dion or make an attempt at eye contact.

Soon after, social media was flooded with angered reactions, including one X user who penned: "Taylor Swift completely ignoring Celine Dion like she was some trophy model presenter at #GRAMMYs was wild. She’s won this three times and usually such a pro. But to ignore an icon, who is dealing with so much? Yikes."

A second similarly hit out: "I'm a huge TS fan but I kept waiting for her to acknowledge Celine and she never did. It was disappointing for sure. I know there was a lot going on but it was definitely a misstep. Sure not intentional. Still bad optically."

Taylor Swift and Celine Dion

Taylor Swift snub: The singer's reaction to Celine Dion sparked fury with Grammys viewers


"Taylor Swift just took the album of the year trophy from Celine Dion without batting an eye and/or acknowledging that a legendary [GOAT] was handing her the award," a third said. "That was So cringey for my soul #GRAMMYs."

Another commented: "Did Taylor swift snub Celine Dion or is she just too cool to acknowledge a legend? Seriously, that was horrific #Grammys."

While a fifth slammed: "The irony that Celine Dion took a moment to acknowledge the legends Diana Ross & Sting who presented her the same award 27 YEARS AGO… this was not a good look Taylor, I’m sorry #Grammys."

And a sixth raged: "Taylor Swift acting like Celine Dion isn't up there or like she doesn't understand the magnitude of Celine Dion being there to present her that award at a time like this, is the reason I cannot f*** with her as a person. #GRAMMYs." (sic)

Celine Dion and Taylor Swift

Grammys 2024: Celine Dion and Taylor Swift did stop for photos backstage after the moment


Despite the supposed snub on-stage, Swift and Dion proved there was no bad blood between them behind the scenes.

Soon after presenting her with the award, Dion and Swift stopped for smiley portraits backstage to mark the occasion.

Elsewhere, Swift sparked meltdown among her fanbase as she announced she'd be releasing a new album later this year.

The Anti-Hero singer will release The Tortured Poets Department on April 19.

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