Rick Stein, 77, admits he's 'not going to last much longer' in health update after heart operation

Rick Stein celebrity chef

Rick Stein underwent a heart operation in 2022

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 04/02/2024

- 14:44

Updated: 05/02/2024

- 11:32

The celebrity chef had a heart operation back in 2022

Rick Stein has admitted to remaining "tremendously optimistic" following a heart operation in June 2022.

However, the chef and restauranter has also conceded he doesn't think "he's going to last much longer" in his latest health update.

Stein, 77, first discovered a problem with his heart when he was enjoying a trek in the Scottish hills.

He had to stop walking after becoming breathless and soon after, doctors told him his aorta was failing.

That was four years ago and up until June 2022, Stein had been using drugs and medication to alleviate the problem.

However, he was told by a cardiologist he'd have to go under the knife at the Royal Brompton Hospital in Chelsea, west London, and now he's shed light on what life is like now he's recovering.

In a new interview, Stein made the revelation when talking about how he and his wife Sarah Burns do their best to stay upbeat.

"My father was a bit… Well, he was a manic depressive, so I think he thought I was a bit too much like him," he told The Times.

Stein went on: "I’m not manic depressive. I’m not really prone to depression, although all of us go through difficult patches. But what was attractive to me about Sas was that she always looks on the bright side, you know?"

Referring specifically to his heart, Stein added: "But to be honest, having had the operation and recovered, the improvement in my health has left me tremendously optimistic.

"Even though at my age and with the normal realities of life I’m not going to last that much longer, I think as long as you’ve got your health and you’re optimistic generally and enjoying your life, you don’t tend to ponder too much about how little life you’ve got left."

Stein proved just how much he and his other half have been enjoying life with his latest social media post.

Alongside Sarah and some pals, Stein was all smiles as he beamed during a recent trip to a restaurant in Sydney, Australia.

Stein captioned the holiday snap: "Utterly wonderful dinner at @margaretdoublebay @chefneilperry @samperryperry Fabulous flathead, snapper garfish pearl meat Spencer Gulf prawns, Tathra oysters a seafood lovers delight.

Rick Stein

Rick Stein admitted he's enjoying life since his operation


"@sasstein66 and I loved catching up," he signed off.

It didn't take long for several of Stein's followers to flood the post with their comments praising the chef for his latest update.

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